I have built this printer but it has been a statue due to the board blowing up. It was fine until I connected the USB - fried. It is cheap for a reason 1. Poor responses from the supplier (apparently I blew up the board by simply plugging in a USB cable and responses to broken piece (heat bed support)of acrylic frame in transit ignored), 2. The threaded rods are only attached to the flexible couplings on the Z axis motors, 3 The frame is 6mm acrylic and flex's........

Bojan Smiljanic


Excellent packaging, no damage, fast delivery, one week to Burnaby near Vancouver Canada. UPS tracking a bit strange, but that's UPS. Took me around 4 hours to build the mechanicals, videos were very helpful. Electronics tomorrow. Seems like quality parts. All open source stuff so easy to mod. Highly recommended. Thanks for getting me into the world of 3D printing.



Great product. Some troubles wiring the printer. Tutorials are helpful on the electrical part.

Christopher Sealey


There was a little failure in the board with a condenser,he offered to pay me for it but I could solder it. In my country the same printer costs nearly three times this price. Very good product for that price. The order was very fast.



fast, great customer service and excellent support! Sunhokey Acrylic is the place to do purchase if you want the above. I really appreciate the level of professionalism regarding advice on what you need compared to their product. Kudos to their Team