This inexpensive 3D printer is a treat. Assembly was easy following the included DVD. Even with this being my first printer build, I was printing great quality items within a couple days of receiving my kit. Awesome deal at this price!



Delivery and package fine and actually the transport with the courier was fast, however as transport cost were not declared, it made me involve in huge costs with customs. About printer construction, everything fine so far! Follow the instructions on the videos

Melvin Richard


Fast shipment with FedEx, package arrived in 7 days but I had to pay 118€ extra taxes on delivery for italian customs, miscalculated taxes based on totally random value invented by customs (according to FedEx duty calculator they had to be more like 50€). Assembled the printer in one afternoon, prints with good quality...need some tweak for better quality but worth the price



Quality product all stainless steel screws rods stud and nut worth the money. Highly recommended.



Fast shipping, perfect packing i've ever seen, good communication. What can i say? Everything was fine from beginning to delivery. And the instructions are crystal clear to understand, this is my first and i built it about 5-6 hours. Everything is working perfectly. It hasn't any 3d printed parts like other i3s, mostly has aluminum parts. It took about 2 hours to calibrate. My first prints were really awful but it's getting better because it needs some additional tweaks on the software side. But all reprap 3d printers need it you know. Thanks for everything, it's the best starter 3d printer you can buy, trust me.