Scott Matthews


Fast delivery (10 days ) ,packaged with care,easy to assemble, good seller : got a problem with the dvd (video not readable ) In less than 1 day, the seller gave me a link where download the content of the DVD. More nuts and screews that needed that is a good thing ! Easy to setup for the very first print and lts of possibility to upgrade. Very good product and professional seller : I recommend !



I am very pleased with this- free shipping which arrived very quickly, and no parts missing or damaged.

Assembly was easy with the video and I finished in 6 hours. Just a couple things near the end seemed to be skipped, like attaching the rest of the belts and some wiring, although the wiring is shown more clearly in a separate diagram included. I also had some extra, unused parts but the printer seems to be working fine.

For Macs- the software included has instructions for windows, so I had to download it for free on the internet.

Print quality so far seems very good and I believe it will be excellent the more I can tweak it. I've been very impressed with its ability to print overhangs/ bridges across an open space.

One very minor thing is that the free SD card (8 GB) did not work, but I had an extra 512 MB card that works fine. I can't complain because I essentially got a much bigger memory card for free, and buying a small one that works costs almost nothing.



I have had this printer kit for almost a month now and bought it at $305 and it has been well worth the money.

It was shipped well with nothing broken and was pretty easy to put together (could easily be done in 3-4 hours). The instructions were pretty clear except for the clear acrylic being printed on a white background. A couple of the parts can be easily installed backwards (or upside down) so I suggest dry fitting each step together before putting all the screw in.

The assembled printer works and I am getting pretty good prints. Out of the box the heat bed maxes out at 90 degrees Celsius so it does not reach the recommended 110 required for ABS and the 8gb SD card is too large to be recognized by the board so be ready to go and get a 4gb one (more than enough room for g-code slices).

If you want to see what is in the box or how the machine goes together check out my videos at for an unboxing and the complete build process.

Happy Printing!



Highly recommended prusa i3 kit. Most importantly it comes with video manual, so its easy to assemble. it works awesome if you setup and configure as per the manual.



Very satisfied with this prusa kit, had a few problems but the company resolved instantly and professionally.