Robert Law


Very pleased. Kit was complete and delivered quickly. Construction a breeze with video instructions. 1st print surprisingly good,then the tweaking starts. Overall very good value and a good way to learn 3d printing.

Robert Law


Great Kit. Everything was as it should be and construction was a dream. With the Acrylic frame there is no need to overtighten fittings and cause damage so take care. First prints were very encouraging and I will continue to tweak as an ongoing learning curve. Even room temperature will effect results. Overall very pleased, got started for $200.00 less than I was expecting and look forward to trying a Rostock version later on.

Alex Levy


I ordered last week, the price was $299. It is unfortunate that the price dropped to $275 now.



Overall a very polished product.

Took about 8 hours to build. (check the PDF for wiring)!!!!!

Maybe 30 minutes on software config.. Just input the settings on the CD provided.

Off the Bat PLA prints very good. 220/50.

I didn't have much luck using the yellow tape for ABS (sides would lift) but using a glue stick solves this problem. 240/80 bed works well for ABS.

Seems to be a bit of play on the X carriage. Doesn't seem to effect the print quality though. Maybe adding a third bearing could improve the print speed..

Quality of hex screws could be better, sometimes the hex key just spins in the bolt head.

Pretty happy over all.



Amazing printer, good quality, price and easy to assemble! Just like Travis H the only negatives was that the price was reduced by 20$ about 4 hours after i ordered my kit, i also contacted 3dprintersonlinestore but neither was i offered any price matching option.