It works after a lot of tinkering. You will not get a ready machine and instructions are not great. Forums and reprap wiki is the way to go.

After assembly there are some parts missing. Well, it works anyhow for me.

You need time and effort to put this together but as stated, all is working after many calibrations, time and effort.

Its one of the cheapest though.



I seem to have it working now. Still have to figure out all the settings but I have printed some things that came out okay. The kit NEEDS some good documentation, though.

This is an entry level printer and needs entry level documentation, and not a video of somebody silently assembling it from experience or coaching or written instructions off camera.

Needs some hand holding for newbies who don't have a clue about how to use it once it is built, too. The assumption seems to be that the buyer knows what he is doing and doesn't need somebody telling him what to do.

But the acrylic parts are cut quite nicely and everything went together well. My only complaint about the actual finished unit is that the spool holder is pretty bogus. It should have a base so the two sides cant just tip over every time you even breathe on it.



I receive the product 10 days after I placed the order. It is not a out of box 3d printer kit. but more than what you paid.



This is a great machine for beginners. First off, you can't beat the price, especially if you're not sure if this is something you really want to get into, or if you've just convinced yourself you really need one (like I did). It prints a pretty high resolution (100 microns), which isn't something you'd really expect of a printer in this price range. Best 3d printer for the price, if you follow the instructions to use.

David Berry


My first thanks to this site for recommending a good product. This is a 3D printer "kit", meaning you have to do all of the assembly yourself, so if you are not prepared for that, you are going to have a bad time. Best Price and average quality.