Jan-Arie Scheer


The kit is complete and very well packaged, the deliverytime was very fast ( < 2 weeks) Mail contact with the SunHokey supplier is clear and helpful.

Build of the printer is easy when following instruction videos, it took me 3 evenings (approx. 8 hours total) to build it and work ok. Calibration is a important job to get good results, more help on that would be nice, I used Youtube instructions on "bed leveling Prusa i3" for it.

A sturdy and flat surface is needed for the printer for the best results.

The delivered software is complete and easy to use.

A great printer to start with 3D printing , next step is design my own printer!

Aaron G


I've now purchased 2 of these. Firmware demands a replacement (the default values are incorrect), z stop needs a second screw hole, mainboard needs a cooling fan, and y motor mount needs to be immediately replaced with a printed upgrade from thingiverse.

Other than that, it's a beautiful unit. Mks board is extremely nice, and the video build guide is extremely impressive. The unit works best secured to a solid surface, and the bowden tube needs a bit of a guide to stop it from catching. I would buy this unit again, and I would also recommend it.

A caution, a bowden extruder is more complicated than a direct drive. Put in enough calibration time, and get your temperatures right (hotter), and the result is almost a mirror surface.



It works after a lot of tinkering. You will not get a ready machine and instructions are not great. Forums and reprap wiki is the way to go.

After assembly there are some parts missing. Well, it works anyhow for me.

You need time and effort to put this together but as stated, all is working after many calibrations, time and effort.

Its one of the cheapest though.