Jason Zhou


Unbelievable value for the price. Assembly was simple and the provided instructional videos were surprisingly accurate. The only instructions missing from the video were the attachment of the control board but it's obvious where to attach it to the frame. First print was nearly perfect and easily perfected by tuning the slicer parameters.

Doug Calvert


Great printer. Check me out at thingiverse for upgrades to make this printer even better. http://www.thingiverse.com/13DjjC13/about



Wow excellent kit, build video was fantastic. Wiring could have been a little clearer. Less than 10 days (including 2 weekends) from order to working tuned printer.

Everything supplied, bed tape supplied was useless grab your self some blue painters tape I have only tried the supplied pla, so far so good no smell excellent finish 60deg bed 220deg head would buy this kit again in a heart beat you wont be disappointed!!!!

Please check out my video review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMtaFikjm-k



The kit is complete and easy to assemble. The instruction videos could be a little clearer, showing clear parts on a white background to indicate which ones are needed for each step is not the best option. The wiring videos are a bit unclear, but if you look at the pictures it is all clear.

The printer works great after assembly. Support is fast also I emailed a question and got an answer the next morning.

I would recommend this printer to my friends.

Juan Mejia (M010095)


The printer very well. The only thing that does not seem right is that I request a black or white ABS filament and they send me a pink ABS filament. In the last two orders the same thing happened to me. Thank you