This printer is very easy to assemble and the video guide for assembly is very helpful. There was only one problem with the whole thing that was I could have really used a step by step guide when it comes to the softwa're and firmware details it would be fine if you are good with computers but for the average person there just isn't enough information I would suggest reading up on 23d printing software and firmware before hooking it up to your computer because you can screw up the board if you do it wrong.

Carlos Lopez


Great price. Excellent packaging (all parts accounted for and neatly contained, nothing broken). Received in 1 week! Top Job from this seller. I will definitely consider you for future purchases.



The overall experience with this printer has been very good. I was a little overaggressive in tightening some screws (be advised that the plastic is durable but not all that strong). Mitchell made new parts available immediately. I'm extremely happy with the part quality!!

There are only two shortcomings:

1. The limit switch mounting brackets are not really suitable. They 'can' be made to work, but they are not rugged and they get moved easily.:

2. As configured the printer actually has a left handed coordinate system. This results in parts being printed mirror image. Easy to fix in SW by mirroring the part. I'm reversing the X-axis motor and relocating the limit switch to the non-motor end of the axis.:



This is my first 3D printer, and so far I'm very satisfied with it.

It took me a couple of evenings to assemble, but it wasn't too hard.

As mentioned by the other buyers, the manual could do with an update, it claims that the Z-axis motors have different wirings, which isn't the case, use the image on the DVD for reference instead.

My first project was designing and printing an adjustable Z-axis endstop, which clamps over the X-axis motor. I'd recommend this as a first project for anyone buying this printer, otherwise you'll have a hard time getting your Z height right.

The newest prusa from SunHokey already has this feature + several others. If I were to buy another printer I'd go for this model instead.

But overall I'm very pleased with my new printer :)

Chris Martin


Good printer once you get it calibrated and set up. Fit all my expectations. Printer arrived on time and was nicely packed. Assembly guide on dvd was good enough to understand what part goes where. My hotend was a leaking but I ordered new one after I got a partial refund.