Rob Close


Great experience with this company! The printer is good quality and prints very well for the price. I assembled it with my 5 year old son. He was able to put many of the pieces together so I would say it is not an extreme build. I am cooling the circuit board in mineral oil after experiencing some overheating issues. I have printed around 30 hours so far without any other issues. The assembly and operating instructions could be better.

Marco P


This is my first 3d printer. Perfect package, fast and very good quality. Seller recommended.



Best price. Free and Fastest shipping. Average quality.

Kevin Steed


Very good value for money. I ordered during the Christmas holidays so there was a delay in shipping; however once shipped took 4 days to get to UK.

Comes with lots of instructions - there are mistakes. Some are obvious, some are because the manufacturer upgraded parts.

I did have a problem with the acrylic and in particular one section; I had to remove acrylic to get it together. Emailing the manufacturer identified the problem and they offered to replace one piece of acrylic, whereas a complete box section is needed.

Building took around 5 hours, this is my first printer. Setting up to print decently will take time and I'm seeing improvements after 4 hours of tweaking. Those in the know, will tune much quicker. I am impressed with the results so far.

If you are looking for value, a challenge then this is a very good kit. I don't regret purchasing it.


Chris Harber


Shipping was on time I had ordered same thing from Gear Best and they kept saying on back order but had said they had in stock after 2 weeks I canceled because they still hadnt shipped. 3D Printers Online much more dependable. Great printer. Recommend using better quality filament. In assembly I some how messed the tube up that goes to extruder that holds the filament. Don't do this, had to order another heating assembly which wasnt bad 15 bucks. Thinking on making a direct feed for better results. Steppers of a tad but easily fixed. DVD skipped from lesson 2 to 10 then at the end there was steps 3 to 9. Would buy again learned alot building it myself