Jeremy Meyer


A great first printer. Easy to build and get printing. It needs a little ajustment to the e steps and to the hot end temps but after that it prints great. I would recommend to anyone looking to get into 3d printing. 3d printers online was very easy to do business with and had fast shipping. Thank you.

Austin M.


It is an excellent first printer, and the price is great! It went together without any issues, and is easy to assemble. Everything mechanical comes together nicely and works well, but it takes hours of tweaking and failed prints to get good quality and speed. For example, all the stepper motors function at 80.5 steps/mm, but my extrusion motor needed to be at 107 steps/mm to function properly. Can't complain about the amazing price.



Perfect. But it would be better than perfect if Y belt holder was metallic. (Can break easily)

Andrew Heisenberg


I got this 3D printing kit as a gift from my kids on my 45th birthday. They know that their daddy is a creative person and loves to experiment with new technology.

I really liked the durable and light built of this printer. I printed with a variety of materials including ABS, PLA, PVA, wood, Nylon, etc. Most of the prints were fine, had a smooth surface and precise in shape and size.

The printing speed is also impressive. No noise while printing. No power supply issues.

Terry Leonhardt


Printer arrived on the date promised, packaging was excellent and designed to protect all the parts very well. Assembly was a breeze, the only hitch was that no firmware was loaded onto the control board, but it was a simple matter to download Marlin from the Thingiverse and load it. Has been working far better than expected and is producing near flawless prints. You could pay twice or three times as much for a printer and not get any better results. An added bonus is in seeing something you built yourself come alive and work so flawlessly. I highly recommend this to anyone.