Geoff Wicks


This 3D printing kit comes with LCD screen that also support the SD card for off-line printing, which is great and has made things pretty simple for me. I liked the acrylic built of this 3D printer. The remote extruder works well. Printing speed is also very good. Prints delivered are accurate. All this comes at an expensive market price but all it is justified for the number of facilities it provides.

David Fox


I am happy with the speed of this 3d printer I bought few days. Not very excited about recommending it. Quality of prints is fine but I was expecting something more. The kit can confuse you despite lots of instructions. What I love is the LCD Control Panel.

The display is brilliant and lists all the data I need to ensure my printing batch is properly managed. If you are new to 3D printers this is a great buy. For the more tech-savvy folks, you can explore beyond Prusa i3 or premium options from the same brand.

Travis H.


The instruction videos were fairly clear, but you must really ensure you are using the proper length screws in ever application, and also ensure which pieces of acrylic go where, as many look similar. The white background in the video tutorial was a poor choice for showcasing clear acrylic.

I found the rest of what I needed for setup on YouTube, by searching for Marlin Setup, Pronterface Setup, and How to Use Cura. You really only need 2 programs to slice, and dice with this printer.

I have gotten good results with Cura/Pronterface, at .3 layer height, 30mm/sec, with .8 walls on 1.75mm filament with a .4mm nozzle @ 195c (75c bed).

Just be sure you have your Z axis adjusted very low, touching the bed practically. Any movement of the printer will require recalibration of Z end-stop most likely.

The other major problem I've had with this kit is that my E3D hot-end was leaking right out of the box. It will seep from the top of the heating block threads, as well as around the nozzle threads. I tried cleaning, tightening, and heat locking everything together, but it still created drips if left unattended for too long.

There were no instructions for hot-end assembly or troubleshooting, so I was basically on my own. When I contacted the supplier, Sunhokey, I was offered a replacement, but had to pay $25 shipping, or send my part back first ($58 shipping to China).

We finally agreed on the supplier reimbursing me for a new hot-end I purchased myself, for half of their shipping cost alone! And I believe I got an upgraded version of the E3D V6, so I am not very disappointed. But it would have been nice to have everything work, right out of the box.

Last piece of advice if you are going to order this printer: Get about 50 M3 flat washers, and use them any place a Nut is trapped in the acrylic for assembly, to keep the M3 screws from bottoming into the acrylic and cracking it. Also, don't over tighten anything in the acrylic and you should be fine.

All and all, I got the printer up and running in less than 8 hours, even after having to disassemble and re-assemble it a couple of times. Print quality is 8/10 so far, but I hope that will continue improving as I get it all dialed in!

Johnny Drone


This is a great kit. Very fast shipping and awesome packaging, everything was protected very well. My recommendation, I will buy again from Sunhokey.

Edgardo ... from Chile


Good printer. But it was expensive for me (final price was 50% more including taxes and delivery). Also it was entertaining assemble the printer with my son) I recommend the product.