Bradley King


This is a GREAT printer, the parts are GOOD QUALITY and everything comes WELL PACKAGED. Shipping was FAST (About 5 days ish if that) Assembally was pretty easy, as the video tutorials are excellent.



I bought 5 of these printers and have built 3. I was able to follow build instructions but had a different problem with each printer. The first printer was shipped with the wrong bolts for the power supply which caused a ground problem which burned out the MKS board when it was plugged into USB on the computer. The second printer had the heat bed fail in less then 5 minutes. On the third printer the top line of the Display did not work. I was told by customer support that they would replace the parts if I bought another printer. When I bought the 6 printer I was told I would have to pay $30 extra for shipping to get my free replacement parts. I replaced all the parts on my own from ebay and have all 3 printers working but it was not as smooth as it should have been. The printers are all printing pretty nice parts but don't expect replacement parts from SunHokey.



Printer arrived in just over a week (EU). I put it together in one day, instructions are included on a dvd and were clear. I’m still tuning the settings to get better print quality, for this I use the internet because I don’t know anyone with 3d printer experience.

Very happy I chose this kit, it has good instructions. There are jpg files on the dvd on how to connect the wiring and how to set the repetier-host software settings.



Excellent printer so far - was a bit difficult to put together. But support from the manufacture is fantastic - they even skyped with me to diagnose a problem it was having with the x axis and we where able to fix over Skype.

They answer emails fast and Eva is fantastic to deal with. For the features and components this is one of the best printers on here right now!!! The acrylic is very very brittle and must be handled with care.

With some careful calibration and the correct slicer settings it prints very high resolution.

Thanks for a great product guys!!!

shipping was fast!!! was here in Canada in 9 days ( 2 days stuck in customs)



This is a very good print. It is the first one I have and so far I am very happy with its performance.