Jeroen Aalderink


Having a printer with one print head is good, with 2 print heads is better but with 3 print head is awesome.

I ordered the CreatbotDX Plus model and it was way better than we ever expected, it can print with a lot of materials like ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Laywood and PET. Now we have tried mix and match of these materials on different print heads and the results were amazing.

The printer has some unique features that work, like the filament detection pauses the print when the filament is over hence it does reduces a lot of stress. They use the Gearmotors which produce more torque compared to the general stepper motor hence the filaments do not slip.

We 3d printed dinosaur models for a local museum using this printer and they have come back with a repeat order which was amazing.

Paul Gibbs


This was my 6th 3d printer, so you can call me prosumer in the field of 3d printing. I ordered the Creatorbot DE Plus which has the build base of 400 x 300 x 520 mm. The printing bed is massive and unlike any other printer I have seen so far. The printer was a bit expensive but then you get what you pay for. It’s got 3 extruder and I have tried prints with support material on one and 2 different colors of ABS on others, it did not work at one go but a little bit of tinkering with temperature setting got me some amazing results. The exterior case of the printer is made of solid metal which makes the printer heavy but overall gives stability to the printer. The printing is super-fast which an exciting addition to the printer features. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking for a professional one stop solution for 3d printing.

Charles Griffith


This is a good 3D-Printer and for the price I do not think I could get a better professional printer. My printer had an issue as it was damaged during transit, I called the customer services and they helped me get a replacement. I find that the quality of the print is much higher with the Creatbot. I ordered a 3mm nozzle extruder which was not available with other manufacturers. .

Frank Salisbury


I have been using different 3D printer for works. Most of printer always took me couple hour’s setup in order to get machine running. When I received my Creatbot, it's definitely one of simplest machine to setup and print.

The CreatWare software supplied with the printer is a bit disappointing; you expect better software when you purchase a professional grade printer.

I got some great surface finish for 3D prints; I still need to test the printer properly. I would post another review once I have a complete review ready.

Emily Harrison


CreatBot- Triple Head Nozzle 3D printer is a fair printer to invest upon. This 3D printer comes at an affordable market price and deliver prints at a high speed of 200mm/s.

it is a good option for students and professionals to have but as far as beginners are concerned, this printer might prove to be too complicated to set up and operate. The prints delivered are quite precise. The remote wire feed architecture of this device ensures minimum inertia during printing.