Flavio Fedele


I purchased Creatbot DX plus tri head 3d printer. A good product with GREAT customer service. I have it working well after the helpful staff at creatbot send me the replacement parts I needed for FREE even though I wanted to pay for them. Apart from minor mistakes it is printing well now.



This is an incredible device, very easy to print 3D files. Creatbot has done an excellent job building a simple to use 3D printer.



In short, Creatbot DX is really bang for the bucks!

Michael Miller


It is a cool printer!

Creatbot is undoubtedly a professional printer and not for hobbyists. Mine is the DE plus that prints beautifully in 3 vibrant colors. I have hardly faced any problem with the printing part so far. The best part is that this one does not require any adhesive tapes like my older one! I recommend buying Creatbot to all my 3D pals. Also, if any of you are interested in printing musical instruments, check this out!





This device has caused hole in my pockets!

I am an art student and wanted to print models for my history classes. My friend recommended going for Creatbot as this one is fully assembled. Not only is this printer super expensive but also super lazy. It takes a lot of time to print on Creatbot and the print quality is sub-par. There are frequent warping issues with this one. In fact, I am not able to use Repetier-host for slicing my models. I will be more than glad if anyone could help me fix this problem!