Frank Salisbury


I have been using different 3D printer for works. Most of printer always took me couple hour’s setup in order to get machine running. When I received my Creatbot, it's definitely one of simplest machine to setup and print.

The CreatWare software supplied with the printer is a bit disappointing; you expect better software when you purchase a professional grade printer.

I got some great surface finish for 3D prints; I still need to test the printer properly. I would post another review once I have a complete review ready.

Emily Harrison


CreatBot- Triple Head Nozzle 3D printer is a fair printer to invest upon. This 3D printer comes at an affordable market price and deliver prints at a high speed of 200mm/s.

it is a good option for students and professionals to have but as far as beginners are concerned, this printer might prove to be too complicated to set up and operate. The prints delivered are quite precise. The remote wire feed architecture of this device ensures minimum inertia during printing.

George W


This printer is awesome. The part printed is precise and the 3 extruders work well. I recommend this one to designers who want high quality printer with acceptable price.

David Borden


When I first got the printer I had some trouble with the filament not sticking to the build platform but after I figured out how to get the bed level right that solved a lot of my problems with the filament not sticking to the bed. Don't just use the instructions that are in the manual because they don't talk about leveling left and right.

Another problem I had with prints not sticking was that one of my extruders was lower than the other one so if that's the case make sure you print with the lower extruder, or figure out how to level the extruders. Filament detection feature is outstanding !!!

Remco Katz


I'm an architecture student, so 3d printer plays a big role in my education. Before purchasing the product, I had done an extensive search on 3d printers. And the creatbot seemed to be a a great printer at a reasonable price with triple extruder. And I can honestly say, that it was a great purchase.

Since I've been surrounded with 3d printers for the past year, I can say that you will run into issues with the machine for the first few prints, just like any other printer, until you get the hang of using it. Don't get discouraged, there are great tutorials online and groups where you can discuss your problem.