Tom Schwartz


I bought the DX version of the printer, the product delivery was delayed for which I called the customer services and they explained that as the printer was delayed due to shortage of stock. They promised the delivery in 5 days from the day I called but to my surprise it was delivered in 2 days. The printer worked strait out of the box and I have been printing using all kind of 3d printing filaments. I was able to print with Nylon which I never expected, I have seen other manufactures claim to be able to print with it but it’s a hard material to extrude. Their Software CreatWare,is certainly not up to the mark and that’s a real let down. I wish they could make something like simplify 3d

Roman Cheremisin


For someone who had never even touched a 3D printer before, this machine was a dream. I decided to purchase a 3D printer mainly for personal "fun" and with hopes that I would find a use for it within my business.

After reading all the reviews on machines of all price ranges I decided on Creatbot DX plus because I wanted to make sure I was buying a quality machine that would be easy enough for a novice to learn and print like an expert. I did not want to buy the lower priced "starter" machines just to find out that I would have to replace it with a better machine a year later.

I am thrilled with this printer! It was easy to set up, prints are excellent and the machine is very user friendly for a novice. I received an email from the manufacturer letting me know that I was welcome to contact them with any questions and they were very friendly and responsive.

I would definitely recommend this printer to anyone...beginner or expert.. as a machine that will do the job!



I bought creatbot DX02 3d printer to enjoy with my children 10 and 6 years old. I have no experience with 3d printing but I have a solid computer use and graphics background, although I am sure that is not necessary to use this printer.

Printer came with a great quick start guide which I followed and from the time I cracked the box to the time I was holding the preloaded tree frog model was about an hour. It was amazing to watch it work. Since then we have downloaded a number of files from Thingiverse (google it) where there are many great projects. We have also printed some of our own creations.

For someone wanting to print some models and learn about 3d printing this is a great unit. It seems well built, looks good and works well out of the box.

Overall I would say this is a great tool for the hobby user who wants to print some practical parts and a lot of fun models. It is truly amazing to watch this thing work. I have had no tech support contact and have been printing with ease for about 3 weeks. I am very impressed.

Alex Simpson


If you are searching for a high speed 3D printer that can provide precise 3D prints, CreatBot - Triple Head Nozzle 3D Printer is the one that you should vouch for. It is possibly the most inexpensive 3D printer available in the market till date. Users can easily adjust the printing volume to get accurate printing samples.

One of the best things about this printer is no filament wastage while printing. The triple extruder machine inculcated in this printer allows the user to use it as double and single extruder machine both.



Excellent support. Handle printer with care. so far good.