Johnny Chen


Lives up to expectations, very fast printer with twin nozzles. The second nozzle can be used for break away support material, which allows increased complexity models to be printed. Right choice for professionals and industry purpose.

Juan Smith


Awesome printer , I love it. It is a very fast printer and the quality of the prints are great. I recently hired a 3d designer too because there is more that I wanted to personally create but I am not much of a 3d software user. He has created some cool personal models for me to print on my new printer.

Flavio Fedele


I purchased Creatbot DX plus tri head 3d printer. A good product with GREAT customer service. I have it working well after the helpful staff at creatbot send me the replacement parts I needed for FREE even though I wanted to pay for them. Apart from minor mistakes it is printing well now.



This is an incredible device, very easy to print 3D files. Creatbot has done an excellent job building a simple to use 3D printer.



In short, Creatbot DX is really bang for the bucks!