Michael Miller


It is a cool printer!

Creatbot is undoubtedly a professional printer and not for hobbyists. Mine is the DE plus that prints beautifully in 3 vibrant colors. I have hardly faced any problem with the printing part so far. The best part is that this one does not require any adhesive tapes like my older one! I recommend buying Creatbot to all my 3D pals. Also, if any of you are interested in printing musical instruments, check this out!





This device has caused hole in my pockets!

I am an art student and wanted to print models for my history classes. My friend recommended going for Creatbot as this one is fully assembled. Not only is this printer super expensive but also super lazy. It takes a lot of time to print on Creatbot and the print quality is sub-par. There are frequent warping issues with this one. In fact, I am not able to use Repetier-host for slicing my models. I will be more than glad if anyone could help me fix this problem!

Richard M. Davis


I have been using this printer from past 6 months and I have realized that this printer is the most perfect 3D printer with high quality tools. It is inexpensive and getting such great results from such a cheap price will really surprise you. The only thing which bothered me about this printer was the assembling part but that also I managed by reading the reviews. The printer is very easy to use and I am very easily able adjust the features as per my convenience to get the perfect prints.

Tuck ChoyWong


This is real return on investment!

I am an architect and use 3D printers for prototyping purpose on a daily basis. Last month, I purchased CreatBot DE plus. The build-up volume is extremely large. I can tell you the prints are equally beautiful in PLA, ABS, HIPS and PVA. It indeed has a resolution of 50 microns! I am using triple extruder for multi-coloring effects and absolutely thrilled with it!

I would highly recommend all the pals working in this field to go for Creatbot!

Johnny Bloom


I was desperately looking for a 3D printing machine, which is less costly, contains all the basic features that a 3D printer usually have, deliver high quality and precise quality prints. After a rigorous market survey, I finally found CreatBot - Triple Head Nozzle 3D printer and was absolutely delighted to have it.

The automatic shutdown system of this printer is simply amazing. It is equipped with power management tools that shut it down automatically after printing. This printer is inexpensive, energy efficient and performance oriented. I would say Go for it!!!