Massimo Russo


I am very happy with Creatbot DX, getting the calibration set correctly took a lot of effort after that its been printing great.The box enclosure really makes it look a professional, and while there is noise coming from the printer I feel its not over-ally loud and can easily watch TV in the same room it is printing.

Wilson Kirk


I have no grudges about the printer and mostly agree with the other reviewers.

The Only issue I had was with the courier company that was supposed to deliver my printer. They damaged it during transportation and had to wait for a long time for a replacement.

I have not received a working printer and it prints great.

Nick Cocozza


I am a designer and work from home, I have an off grid solar system setup at home and the printer works on it. I got this printer over others as I had my fears that my power backup system may not be able to support the power requirements on a heavy machine. So my first criteria of getting a printer was the one that allows pause and print function.

Thankfully this printer has great power management module, that support autoshut down after printing. This saves me a lot of power which otherwise would have been wasted. The printer also resumes prints which is great for any one like me.

Creatbot has a great build quality and the printing quality it far better than others.



I have used some printers at the local library and had some prints made at shapeways, but believe me i haven't had better prints than the ones I got from my Creatbot.

You get some great things when you get this 3d printer, I got the DX model which has a bed size of 300x250x300 mm, 3 nozzels which can give prints that can have 3 different colors and can still print at 30 microns precision.

The printer is ultra silent and can be used even inside the house, The nozzel can be heated up to 400 degrees and hence can be used to print carbon fibre as well as nylon,.

I am currently printing a full multi color dress on this printer which I plan to present at a fashion show, some parts of the dress are already ready and I am super happy with the quality.

Frank Salisbury


I have been using different 3D printer for works. Most of printer always took me couple hour’s setup in order to get machine running. When I received my Creatbot, it's definitely one of simplest machine to setup and print.

The CreatWare software supplied with the printer is a bit disappointing; you expect better software when you purchase a professional grade printer.

I got some great surface finish for 3D prints; I still need to test the printer properly. I would post another review once I have a complete review ready.