Meshal Alkusaier


Not up to the par!

I wanted to print a cover in dual color for my cellphone using 2 colors and 2 materials. But, it looks like this printer does not support ninjaflex! After spending so much of bucks, I was expecting more.

Prints are fine but the speed is average!

Malinda B. Fredricks


I decided to order this printer because I was really impressed with its features and reviews which I read online. And this printer is exactly as pictured online. It features the latest cooling system which very smartly can adjust nozzle temperature to make sure that you get the best feeding. Also the height-adjustable-nozzles which are the most impressive feature allow me to support various nozzles very easily. This machine is all I ever wanted and now I am planning to order one for my father too. I am sure he will love it too.



We ordered this printed as a replacement for our broken Makerbot, we just kept getting issues with that printer and we decided it was time to get a new printer.

We would not have believed 3d printing could be so easy until we got our hands on the Creatbot 3d printer. This printer has been so good for our business that within 2 months we are already planning to get another printer. The nylon prints we made using this printer was as good as injection molded parts and has helped us get high strength prints.

We would certainly rank these printers higher than any other printer we have used till date.

Benjamin Board


  1. I love the design: black metal chassis
  2. It has silica gel printing plate – no more adhesives required!

III.       Finest prints I have ever seen (PLA gives really polished ones!)


One piece of advice:

If you are printing with multiple extruders, do opt for Ooze Shield! It took me some time to do the settings. Overall, nice printer by Creatbot



The CreatBot DX Plus is a professional level printer for a higher hobby printer price.
Some minor issues are sorted out promptly by the excellent customer service and fast shipment of replacement parts
My printer is printing flawlessly even at a much higher then recommended resolution