Tara Sharma


I absolutely Love Creatbot……

This 3D printer cost me an arm and a leg! But Creatbot is worth its price! I loved it for three reasons:

I love the design:  metal ultra-big chassis

Multi language support – It was desperately needed!

Finest Prints and adjustable nozzles

Robert T. Bonds


I work in the Automobile sector and use 3D printers for prototyping parts of the vehicles on daily basis. Last month, I purchased CreatBot DX Plus for home purpose.

My son is only six and is already a big transformers fan. He wants to design robots. I can tell you the prints are equally beautiful in PLA, ABS, HIPS and PVA, as well as other filaments. It indeed has a resolution of 100 microns!  I am absolutely thrilled with it!

5 stars from my Little Optimus Prime!!

Kristine H. Tirrell


I ordered this printer because I wanted to impress my client with high resolution prints. The printer was delivered on time and was packed properly too.

When I started assembling the printer I found out that some parts were damaged. I contacted the customer service and they delivered the replacement parts almost after 20 days. I assembled the printer and was after so much of hard work when I finally started using this printer I was so upset with the poor quality prints.

The quality is so poor that I cannot present them to my clients. I am just stuck with this printer and I have no idea what to do next.

Crystal J. Ponce


Despite its high price, I pressurized my boss to invest on Creatbot DE because of its multi functionalities (I work in an average designing firm!). Not only this 3D printer machine needs to memorize the printing position repeatedly, but also the print bed needed to go down.

Another setback is the continuous need to refill the filament as it runs out midway. Thanks to this printer, I won’t get appraisal this year! The only good thing I found is that it is super fast!

Tom Schwartz


I bought the DX version of the printer, the product delivery was delayed for which I called the customer services and they explained that as the printer was delayed due to shortage of stock. They promised the delivery in 5 days from the day I called but to my surprise it was delivered in 2 days. The printer worked strait out of the box and I have been printing using all kind of 3d printing filaments. I was able to print with Nylon which I never expected, I have seen other manufactures claim to be able to print with it but it’s a hard material to extrude. Their Software CreatWare,is certainly not up to the mark and that’s a real let down. I wish they could make something like simplify 3d