Roman Cheremisin


For someone who had never even touched a 3D printer before, this machine was a dream. I decided to purchase a 3D printer mainly for personal "fun" and with hopes that I would find a use for it within my business.

After reading all the reviews on machines of all price ranges I decided on Creatbot DX plus because I wanted to make sure I was buying a quality machine that would be easy enough for a novice to learn and print like an expert. I did not want to buy the lower priced "starter" machines just to find out that I would have to replace it with a better machine a year later.

I am thrilled with this printer! It was easy to set up, prints are excellent and the machine is very user friendly for a novice. I received an email from the manufacturer letting me know that I was welcome to contact them with any questions and they were very friendly and responsive.

I would definitely recommend this printer to anyone...beginner or expert.. as a machine that will do the job!