Irene M


It took a little while till I got used to the proper way to use it and have had no trouble since then. it!!!

Michel Ménard


The Flashforge Dreamer is a very good 3D printer. The product has been developped by skilled professionnals, it delivers excellent performance and until now, it seems to be very reliable. I am very happy of the hours I spent reading reviews before I made my choice and now I am enjoying the fact that I choose one of the bests of it's class for a very affordable price. I would buy it again and I recommend it to every one. The only problem is the printed size that is a bit small at 9" X 5.8" X 5.6".



I received the Dreamer just a few days ago and I am still immersed in the shallow learning curve to use it to it's fullest ability. This machine is all that I expected and read about. I am sure it will service my manufacturing needs very well from now and into the foreseen future. Everything operated as expected once it was final assembled and adjusted.

While I have not yet been able to get the WiFi connection to operate (my problem - not equipment fault), I am sure it will operate as good as either the flash card or the USB connections once I complete the installation. I have many parts to make and design in the future as well as other personal projects that this equipment's capability obviously will completely fulfill. At this point I would highly recommend this product for purchase if you are thinking about jumping into the 3D printing arena.



This is my first ever 3D printer. I had first ordered the Da-Vinci printer but was not happy with reviews about their customer support. Then after reading all the from people with the Flashforge Creator I was very confident that this was a better company and more importantly, a better product.

When I received my printer it was packaged well and worked right out of the box. The heads had been used because they test the heads before sending out the printer. Mine unfortunately came with a faulty Wifi module (problems happen) but I was SHOCKED that just 4 minutes after sending an email to support at flashforge, I had an email back!! Later that day they sent a replacement wifi module complete with tracking number!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

Since owning the printer there has been 3 software updates for the Flashprint software so it looks like Flashforge are really supporting their products very well.

When I couldn't print using my right nozzle, once again I experienced FAST email replies from Mr Tang in customer support. He sent photos, text and even a video on how to fix the problem. All up I got 7 email replies within half an hour!!! I have NEVER experienced customer support this well (apart from apple).

As for the print quality....well, for lack of a better word...STUNNING!! I have printed at 0.3mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm and with the new software update I even printed a giraffe at 0.08mm, That's 80 micron layer height!!. I just keep getting great print after print after print! The printer came with a roll of blue PLA and white ABS. The print bed seems to warm up pretty quick. It only take around 3 or 4 minutes to warm up from 2c (winter here in Australia) to 60c. Once the bed it up to within 1.5c it will then start to heat up the extruders. This only take about a minute to heat from 20c to 200c.

So, in summary, it's great printer at a great price, excellent build quality, good software and hardware support from the manufacturer and AMAZING prints. I couldn't be happier with this machine.

Here are some of my videos on youtube:


First Print:

2nd Print:

Phone stand:

Tower of Pi:

Printing supports and raft:

Removing supports and raft:

iPhone case at 80 micron:

Toothpaste roller:

Kitchen utensil holder:

80 Micron Giraffe:

First glass bed print:

Skipping Extruder:

Unblocked Extruder:

1st Dual extrusion test:

Replace Wifi module:

Andrew james


I received my printer today and I was up and printing within 30 minutes. I loaded the software and leveled the bed and it was ready to go. My first abs print came out flawless, I honestly could not believe the result it was a near perfect print.

The machine overall it very nice. It was easy to setup,the print bed is solid with no vibration, the extruders and print bed heat up very quickly and the controls are easy to us.

Things to note, the filament spools are an odd size @ 180 diameter by 55 wide if you want to use them inside the case. I've tried the Zen toolworks filament and it seems to work as well. Just be aware you can not run a full 2kg spool inside the case.

The other thing is the only print client this will use is FlashPrint. It's pretty simple to get used and I will withhold judgement on it until I use it more. Some people might find this to be a negative.

Overall this machine is awesome it blows my Solidoodle 4 out of the water both in terms of ease of set up and print quality. So far I'm very happy.