Connor D. Poole


The printer has been a nightmare to use. Initial setup was easy but poor software and firmware has made printing anything nearly impossible.

Regardless of which software I use (simplify3d or flashPrint) the printer maybe completes a print once in every 4 tries. Frequently the printer will load all of the gcode, will begin printing, but only print half of the object and then stop with the message "Print completed". When it isnt stopping half way through it is getting stuck in the middle of a print and will just extrude plastic in the same location for 10 minutes and then continue the print as if nothing happened.

When It does work the quality is fair. Better than any other printer in the price range. If you are looking for a printer that you can click print and walk away this is not the printer to buy. Be prepared for constant babysitting and spools of wasted plastic. I have had it and will be requesting a refund or at least a printer swap.


I spoke with the fantastic support at flashforge and it turns out that simply having the USB cable plugged in but not in use can cause issues during builds. I unplugged the usb cable from the machine and sure enough I have completed 5 prints in a row from the SD card without issue.




Serious love affair for this printer, unfortunately I got a bad one.

Extruders not in same plane and no amount of shimming resolved the issue. Wrong parts in the bed leveling assembly, leveling would not hold. USB connection dropped frequently. Old docs came with the unit.

As a one extruder unit it worked well, but I bought it for the dual.

Took one star off for getting a bad machine added it back for the exceptional service by Mr. Tang.

Once this one is credited, I'll be ordering another. Hopefully this time I won't get one made on a Friday or Monday :).

Mr. Tang made this experience FAR better than it could have been.

Being an engineer, I know that these kinds of things do happen from time to time, what makes all the difference is how it was handled all around, for that I have no complaints.

Will be ordering another now :-) and am more than reasonably sure I won't have these problems a second time.

I was right the second is stellar and I have been printing all sorts of needed goodies with EXCELLENT results.

A couple of VERY minor problems. Bed tramming didn't hold well but Tang sent me a set of replacement springs and hardware and that seems to be holding quite nicely.

Suggestions: Get a dial indicator and mount for it off Thingverse (Flashforge one for Creater pro works just fine), and magnets to fit. Mou night have to drill it out slightly to get the dial indicator shaft to fit, but that is trivial. Makes tramming the bed much, MUCH easier to record to value after you have trammed it with the blue card.

There are a number of useful mods for the Dreamer on Thingverse.

I'm looking at printing some replacement spool mounts that might allow Hatchbox sized spools internally, report to follow. If this doesn't work, there is an item on Thingverse to raise the cover and keep dust and such out which will also help with keeping the interior warm and free of breezes which helps.

If you have to leave the top open to feed full sized spools, a cleaner / lubricator has been recommended. It was also said that a couple drops of mineral oil in the cleaner sponge helps too. Plenty of spool holders on Thingverse.

Linux software leaves a bit to be desired but they are working on this. I did purchase Simplify3D and am happy with that but still learning it. Recommended :-).

Throughout it all Tang continues to be amazing, just wish all my customer service experiences were half as good. Amazing man, fast response and totally knowledgeable about the unit.

Get one, you'll love it. Not quite a Startrek replicator but I am more than pleased especially after all the horror stories I have read about a lot of the other printers out there.

About all I would like to see in a similar unit would be a greater build volume and auto bed tramming (AKA: leveling).

Yep, very pleased with the unit and especially so with Tang.

Ralph Ferro


The Dreamer uses a smaller non-standard size filament spool that can only be purchased from FlashForge.

However, any 1.75mm filament can be used outside of the printing chamber.

After using the printer every day since I purchased it in October of 2014 experience has shown that this is a great little printer.



Returned this after I could not get it setup correctly. The plastic housing is not sturdy and my unit came through so out of alignment I could barely get it leveled with some of the adjustments all the way out. Additionally, the Chinese software was lacking.



I bought this a few weeks ago and have printed probably 100 projects.

First, 3D printing is not for the non-adventurous. It can be very frustrating. This printer did help me get more involved, as it does print very well, and quite easily compared to some other printers I've used. About to give up on 3D printing when I decided to try this one out. Glad I did. Not that it's perfect (get ready...) the extruders will get clogged. That's a fact of 3D printing. This one is no different. So, be ready to disassemble the extruders at some point and you'll be good. I do wish they'd make this process a little bit easier, but it is very doable.

The WiFi setup is not quite worth it, but printing via USB or SD Card is as easy as it gets. I usually print via USB. With WiFi you don't get all the features of using the printer. Plus setup is not very easy on WiFi. I hope they make an Ethernet version on their next printer. The drivers for these printers needs to evolve too, so that you have more control via the computer before and while printing, plus more info about the print. From any software. Simplify3D works really well with the printer (warning, the software is anything but simple. Powerful, yes, very, but not simple.)

I also wished I'd waited a couple more weeks as the printer is now $300 cheaper than when I bought it. Oh well.

There are cheaper printers, but this one I think hits the mark between too expensive, and too cheap. Recommended for those starting out on printing. Easy to make lots of extra parts to make printing easier. Uses just about any filament, which is a problem for cheaper printers. And the support so far for me has been good too. I also recommend getting a glass bed to print PLA on.