Warren Mells


I love my Dreamer. The Platform is actually 1/4" Powder Coated Aluminum that has a Kapton Covering on it...that's why it appears to be Plastic.

Like others, it was out of the Box and working within 30 minutes. Leveling the Platform was a snap. The Software, though complete is a bit limited and I opted to purchase a 3rd Party Slicer that gave me more control over the Supports.

This, 3D Printing, is an emerging Marketplace. As such, this applied Consumer Technology is both an Art and a Science and requires patience in learning the nuances of the Machine and the materials. The learning curve, though nearly vertical is fascinating and rewarding.

This machine is really only limited by our imaginations and our skills...

Robert E. Offermann


Potential users should be cautioned that even a *great* product won't make you good at making products - just like an expensive saw won't make you a master carpenter, a nice camera won't make you Ansel Adams, and the best set of oil pants and brushes won't make you Rembrandt, this printer won't make you an engineer. You need to understand what you're trying to build - but this printer will realize your vision in physical form in a modern, efficient and effective way.

15-20 minutes out of the box and ready to print. The back left bed levelling screw was slightly bent - appeared to have happened during shipping. I'm betting the shipping company dropped it. Easy peasy to resolve with a pair of pliers, but it made bed levelling troublesome until I did so. Even with that, was still quick and easy to set up and get to using. Exactly what I wanted - I didn't buy this to be a 3d printing hobbyist, I bought it to prototype items for manufacture and to build functional items for myself. This got me up and in operation in no time flat!

I've had one filament combo that I was displeased with (for which I blame the filament company, not FlashForge), but everything else has been so extraordinary: easy, functional, professional - I have almost no complaints at all. I'm having an issue with wifi connectivity that I need to follow up with the company on, but even if that never worked for me at all it wouldn't knock this solid printer out of the 5-star range. Multiple materials, hours and hours and hours of printing in the first few days that I've had it, and it's just great.

The included software is fine. I'm using Simplify3D for most of my printing because I have fidgety requirements for things and want more customization, but the software that comes with the printer will be plenty for most people.

This is a real commercial product - it's attractive, it works with minimal effort, and lets you get to the job of producing.

Donald Beatty


This is a great 3D printer. It's easy to assemble and easy to use. The print quality is excellent. I've used filament from several suppliers and the printer works with all of them.

I'm new to 3D printing and this machine, with its included software, makes it easy to learn.

I now also use Simplify 3D which now supports the Dreamer and allows a little more fine tuning - but it's really not needed. You can get nice prints with the Flash Print software included with the printer.

The metal bed supports provide a nice stable platform and the bed rarely requires re-levelling.

Full size rolls of filament can easily be used by feeding it through the side vents.

I've had a couple of minor issues, but FlashForge responds very quickly and has addressed all of my problems.

The customer service is the best possible. They really seem to care about quality and customer satisfaction. I'm hoping they produce a 3D scanner soon to go with their fine printers.