C. Chen


The software support for OS X is buggy and lackluster. Contacting support takes ages for a response...if at all.

Pablo Schaffner


Great machine. From the reviews i thought the plastic cover would feel cheap, but its a very nice built printer. Recommended 100%. This is my second 3d printer, and i'm very happy with it.

John D Reasor


Wifi does not work the sd card reader on the one they sent me also does not work. Just retuned and purchased a better one.

Detlef Grohs


Great machine, works as expected, but now I am noticing some other machines that are half the price that I should have considered. All in all I good machine. The support is excellent as I had a skipping problem initially that turned out to be a loose connection to the power supply that they helped me resolved quickly. Using this on a daily basis!

Russ Stutzman


I have had the printer a little over a week now so I thought I would try a review. First off I have to say I love this printer. It's been running pretty much non-stop since I got it. Though, it is my first 3d printer so I don't have much to compare it to.

I ordered the printer from Amazon and it was delivered amazingly fast. Though delivery is not the point of this review I do love Amazon's fast service.

The Hardware:

The printer arrived well packaged for the most part. There were a few minor issues upon getting it out and setting it up. Some of the problems may be linked to shipping too but that's hard to tell.

For US users setting the power supply voltage is the first thing you need to do. Remove the bottom cover by removing the 6 screws on the bottom. The switch is on the side of the power supply and may be difficult to see. A flashlight makes spotting it pretty easy. Mine was set for 220. A simple slide of the switch changed it to 110 volts.

The x-axis carriage was out of alignment but loosening a couple of set screws on the left side pulleys allowed it to be coaxed back into alignment. Just about every screw in the machine was a little bit loose so I advise going over them yourself. Several screws were missing but I did get an ample supply of extras, except for the ones securing the wiring to the plastic body, in the spare parts bag. The right hand solid vent cover also had a broken catch on it.

With these problems Amazon offered to allow me to return it and refund my money. I declined the offer though Amazon still did make it right. As I said, I love this printer!


I tried to follow the instructions to level the table but that proved impossible so I looked on line and found updated instructions that more closely represented the current incarnation of the printer. You can follow these if you wish but I found simply using the jog functions and wing-nut adjusters allowed me to set the build surface pretty darn level to the print head. It seemed simple enough to me to scoot the head around the table and check your clearances at each corner and the mid-points.

Using the default settings allowed me to get very decent prints of both PLA and ABS. I tried one job using them together but the PLA didn't seem to like the heat the ABS required and clogged the head a few times. The kaptan tape worked alright but I've had real good success using 6in wide painters tape. It's a bit expensive but it sure does make application easy.

I had good luck getting the PLA to stick to the tape with a platform temp of 50 C over no heat at all. You will need to experiment with temps and feed speeds with each new filament source as there seems to be quite a bit of variability. Level the table to the head often. If I have a print going bad the first things I check for are level and clearance. Fix those and you'll restart the print successfully just about every time.

My right side fan went out causing a bit of a problem with the x-axis belt retainer. The plastic piece overheated and allowed the belt to slip out from underneath it. The repair to the belt was very easy to accomplish as I pulled it tight with a pair of needle nose pliers and slid it back in to the belt retainer. I tightened everything back down and it's still holding great. A new fan is on the way from FlashForge-USA. I'm anxious to resume printing with ABS.

The Software:

For right now the only software you can use directly is FlashForge's own Flashprint. It is a very simple piece of software with limited functionality. It works great as long as you don't want to get to fine grained with settings. Oh yeah, it only works with Windows and Mac's for now. No direct Linux support yet. It's all I have used so far. I'm looking at Simplify3d but it doesn't have native support for the Dreamer yet. I'd like to see improvement in Flashprint if that's all we can use. Saving the configuration for individual filament types would be a big help. Right now you have to adjust these settings manually for each filament source.

Is this printer for me?

As much as a I do love this printer being a techie is really a must. As I believe that to be the case with any 3d printer at this point. Working on this printer is a breeze for me. It's a very open cabinet and chassis with plenty of room to work.

You will get filament jammed in the head at some point which will require you to disassemble the head. It's very easy to do as you only need to get at the two screws holding the fan on to that particular head. You remove those two screws, be sure to catch the two barrel spacers behind the fan screws, and you are looking at the feed assembly. You may need to disassemble the feed mechanism but again that really is easy to do.

The printer is not quite ready for everyone but if you have a little techie expertise it really could be the one for you. The aesthetics are pleasing and present a professional appearance. It's not much bigger than laser printers from a couple of years ago but sure weighs a heck of a lot less. FlashForge's support has been great so if you do encounter problems they will be there to help you out.

Note: It appears to me from my reading and research that this printer is undergoing fairly rapid development. Some of the complaints from previous purchasers have been addressed in the printer I received so I assume this continues.