Good Value for the Money

Rick M


I'm having some problems with this machine and there are some things that could have been designed better, such as...

The USB connection does not make good contact, have to prop it up with something else it will loose connection with my pc. Hence, what ever you were printing at the time is trashed.

The power supply fan is already making noise. The power supply it self is under powered for the machine. When you turn the heaters on you can hear the fans slow down and the lights dim. The platform heats up very slowly and the extruders will not start heating until the platform gets it's proper temperature. In other words, they heat up one at a time. I would not mind paying a little bit more for a better power supply.

The SD card does not work nor does the WIFI. The $160.00 dollar software they recommend is just a better version of the free flashforge slicing software. You cannot design anything with it. However it is a good interface, has lots of controls via scripts and settings.

I have had a few clogged extruders and it could be easier to take them down for cleaning. Don't try to remove the extruder nozzles with a wrench. They are on so tight that if you put too much pressure on them you might damage the machine. Hence you have to take the whole assembly apart in order to clear the clog.

Hope this helps.

A.M. Schott


I couldn't be happier with this 3D printer. It runs so smoothly and using Simplify 3D I get just amazing quality prints on this machine. First thing you'll want to do is print different spool holders to accommodate different brands of filament. Real easy to find stuff for this model on thingiverse.

Vladislav Valentinov


I got it for my kids, so they would develop interest to 3D modeling... and for myself. You'll be printing within one-two hours after taking it from the box.

Things to pay attention to:

I understand that none of my review makes any sense for those who didn't buy printer. Just remember to read it again right before you print your first awesome creation.

On pictures you can see some of the stuff I've printed. All, except for a blue dude were printed at .2mm resolution and some were painted. Blue dude was printed at 0.8mm. On the picture with blinds the corner piece was printed to cover edges.

GMoney Phx


Well, at first glance this seems to be a great printer. I have owned the following 3D printers:

I am impressed at the overall layout and functioning of this unit. The touchscreen is nice to have. Both extruders working properly out of the gate. I have gone directly to Simplify3D software so I can't comment much on the native Flashprint software. This review will be updated (good and bad) as time goes on.

In the past I was hesitant about dual extruders. Software support was poor, alignment was critical etc... It seems as though the time has come for them though. Let's correct an assumption you might have about the reason for having dual extruders...


No. Printing in two colors is of next to zero value. After you print some novelty items in two colors you will realize the overall coolness level of items made of two colors is about 0.1% greater than items from one color. There are, however, two compelling reasons to have dual extruders...

1) Ability to have PLA and ABS loaded at all times. Different parts demand different properties. Large parts that are likely to warp are better approached with PLA. Parts where you need true mechanical strength are better done in ABS. The easy ability to build a part in either material is a very handy thing.

2) Ability to have PLA or ABS on one side and dissolving filament (PVA or HIPS) on the other. Sometimes you might want a part that has a complicated support structure that will be difficult or impossible to remove. You can use one extruder for the body and the other for the support material.

**** Day 3 ****

No problems so far. I contacted Tang about ordering a few spare parts to have on hand and his response was very fast (< 5 minutes). This is highly appreciated.