D. Bagley


I ordered two 3D printers at the same time. After using 3D printers at our local community college, I thought it would be nice to own a couple at home. I have a computer science degree and I'm comfortable with software and I'm comfortable with computer troubleshooting. I am very hesitant when it comes to any other type of hardware. However, I thought that with the right support, I could figure out how to work my 3D printers.

The first 3D printer has a single extruder and came out the box printing with ABS perfectly. It arrived first so I had a chance to play with the first 3d printer before the Dreamer arrived.

I've had the Dreamer since June 5th and I absolutely love it. I followed the same process that I did with my first printer. I went online and downloaded the manual. Then, I watched Youtube videos on how to unpack the printer and how to set up the extruders. I watched Youtube videos on how to print my first parts. The first parts were small and they printed with the ABS perfectly. I noticed a slight odor and figured that I was doing something wrong, because the ABS on the first printer didn't have an odor.

Sure enough, I had placed the ABS material and the PLA material on opposite sides. After I switched the sides, the PLA material worked great. I did have to ensure that my pulley color was set to black and not silver. I also did a factory reset to ensure that the WiFi settings worked perfectly.

I love that it prints using a SD card, Wifi, and USB. All three methods work great for me. I love that I can print with dual colors. It took some tweaking to ensure that the dual extruder heads were aligned with one another, but there were several suggestions online and also Mr. Tang provided great support.

I love that I can adjust the material settings, temperature settings, and speed of the material extrusion and head travel speeds. I DID not want to purchase a 3rd party software in order to use the printer reliably and thankfully the software that comes with the printer is perfect for my hobbyist/informal educational needs.

Having said all of this, I did troubleshoot some issues. But these are the same issues that anyone with a dual extruder printer that costs less than $2K will troubleshoot. And Mr. Tang never tired of giving me assistance in order to get all of my printer's features to work properly.

I do LOVE my printer. This is not for the faint at heart. But, if I can do it. You can do!

To recap: 1. Watch the unpack video; 2. Make sure you know the color of the pulley belt; 3. Put the PLA on the side with the multiple fans and the ABS on the other side. 4. Play with those LED light color settings.....sooooo coool. 5. Find the proper heat settings on line for various printing materials 6. Use blue tape for PLA. Use blue tape and elmer's glue stick for ABS. 7. IF you can't understand a photo or video ask your teens to help. Their eyes are remarkable. :)

I give it a 5 and I'm printing every day and night and I love it. Dual extruders rock!!

Josiah Gould


You load the filament, apply the painters tape (which is included), level the bed, give it a file - and wait. There's practically nothing else to do but make sure you let it warm up enough beforehand. It'll print the socket wrench NASA sent to the space station, and it'll work too. It's not the cheapest printer for a good reason.

Oh, and just a little advice - crank the bed way down with those wingnuts before you start to level, mine was shipped much too high.

James G


I could not be more thrilled about this printer. It came right out of the box and printed about 4 times as good as my previous Printrbot Simple (DO NOT RECOMMEND) Everything from the setup to the leveling was easy and straightforward. It even has a cute little startup sound when it boots up each time.

I have done detailed prints about as big as this thing can do and they turn out EXCELLENT each time, usually even without putting supports in. It prints EVERYTHING, ABS, PLA, PETG, whatever specialty filament you want. as the temperature on the extruder goes all the way up to 260 C and the heated bed goes up to 100 C.

Overkill for most projects, but its nice to have the option. Our unit came with a faultyTF card and the support was EXCELLENT, 'Mr. Tang' was prompt, even for being all the way across the world. He was courteous and very professional. I highly recommend this seller and product to anyone interested in getting into 3D printing at the intermediate level for a beginner price.

Duane Houck


Mine had a broken fan in shipping, but Tang and the support was amazing. Took about a week to get the fan replaced, and I've been printing almost non-stop for a month. I used the software that came with the printer for the first 3 weeks, and have recently purchased Simplify3d.

The software that came with the printer worked just fine (a little slow in slicing, now that I have Simplify3d to compare), but when you invest in a printer like this, it seemed kind of silly to skimp on the software.

This is the coolest toy I have ever purchased for myself. It has become a full fledged hobby. There is a ton to learn about materials, what makes a good print, why prints fail, etc.

All in all, it's been a great purchase.

P. Campbell


I can't say enough positives about this printer. It is as close to a consumer level device as one can get. The Flashprint software is mostly adequate, although the Mac version crashes every time I try to auto build supports. I'm so new to it this hasn't been a problem yet, but we'll see. The printer is well-built, with only three screws required for the final assembly. Very well packaged.