I will try and keep this short and sweet. I have been playing with 3D printers for some time starting with a Solidoodle and moving on to a Makerbot replicator 2X and I must say that this machine is by far my favorite. I am not going to lie, when I got the machine I was a little disappointed due to the s***ty software but Simplify3D fixed that problem in a heart beat. The hardware is AWESOME, all metal Z platform, fans built in for PLA prints, enclosed casing for ABS prints, duel extruders, heated build plate, 3 sheets of buildtak, need I say more?!? The printer, in my experience can print up to .08MM for super awesome prints. If I had to complain about anything, it has to be the s***ty PLA that is included with the printer.

I have used Makerbot filament for years and have to say that they make some of the best PLA filament on the market (ya I know its expensive but you get what you pay for). When I started printing with the flashforge PLA I was having adhesion issues with prints not sticking to the print bed. I honestly thought the problem was the Buildtak that was included, but after switching to makerbot PLA the problem became none existent. if anything, I had to re-level the bed to move the extruders farther from the build plate because the adhesion was so great. It took the might of god to remove that SOB off the printer. Again, I would recommend this machine to anyone, just be patient with it.

VU Engineer


This is one of my favorite printers to use on a regular basis, and the quality is great for the money.



John K. Schagane


I had been looking at getting my first 3D printer and did a lot of research and the Flash Forge printers where always among the top. I decided on the Dreamer. I could not be more happy with my selection. I received the printer and the setup was well documented and quick. My first prints worked fine. The one thing to me that makes this a great buy is not just the printer but the support. That was one thing I saw over and over again was how people liked the support for the seller. I can not agree more. I had a few questions and I always received my answers vary quickly, even over the weekend. Great product.

Bradford Lowery


This is a wonderful printer from a company that is happy to sell you reasonably priced replacement parts. This is my second 3d printer, (first was Rep2,) and it is much more reliable that the rep2. I am using Simplify3d as a slicer and highly recommend it. The build-tak covered heated bed is wonderful with a little tweaking in the temp settings to get just the right first layers adhesion you want.



I own that printer for couple months. It was shipped lightning fast from factory in China.

It was learning curve in 3D printing but now it makes more sense to me. Without such knowledge or wiliness to learn it might be a frustration to properly operate 3D printer and you might be better off just ordering your prints from commercial places.

The printer is quality built and produces prints as expected. (If you know what you are doing). FlashPrint software included is decent and let you print out of the box.

Speaking about FlashPrint slicer in terms of lacking of fine tune settings, well, there are no "perfect one" yet. I mean there are quite a bit of slicers on a market and one got something the other is lacking.

Flashforge does not develop it's own slicer - it's hardware manufacturing company. But you are free to choose whatever slicer could fit your bill, thanks to open design of Flashforge. They provide you with G-code command for Dreamer so you can fine tune your favorite slicer to work with Dreamer. So, removing stars for the slicer they prepackaged into FlashPrint is unfair.