James Williams


The print quality is good as well. One problem that I am having is ensuring that the material sticks to the print bed. Especially the PLA. I have leveled the printer several times and sometimes it sticks and sometimes it does not. I tried using the painters tape that comes with the printer and that does not seem to help. I set the bed temperature and that seems to help. Once the print sticks, the prints come out great. It is just getting the first print to stick to the table that becomes an issue.

Now, lets review the "Out of the Box" experience. The printer came to me well packaged. Everything was there with nothing missing. I found that the setup was fairly easy and took a total of 30-40 minutes from the time I un-boxed it until I was printing with my first part. So, overall it was not so bad.

The wireless setup was a bit of a challenge because their document states connecting your computer to the printer via wireless to a SSID name that did not match the documentation. That took me a bit because there are alot of wireless devices in my neighborhood. Once I got that done, I was able to connect to the printer via wireless.

Overall, for the price and if you purchase this through an authorized distributor I would give this printer a fair 3.5 to 4 stars. I can't give it a 5 star because there are areas for improvement with this printers software/firmware.

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I think I recieved one of the first machine off the assembly line (preorder) so I had some initial problems with the printer. However like I have read in other forums and reviews Mr. Tang really takes care of the customer, he promply shipped replacement parts and new revisions to get me up and running. So far its been a great printer and a great value compaired to other brands. I would have no problem recommending the Dreamer to a friend. I have had good success printing abs, pla, and ninja flex.

Carter Machine and Design


Couldn't be more satisfied. Been doing CNC work for over 40 years. Never had a 3D printer before. Made aprox. 80 parts in 1st 3 weeks. No problems. Leveled the bed just once when I 1st set it up. Easy to use although I purchased Simplify3D software to have a little more control. Bought my second Dreamer just a week ago and am making parts at home too. I would recommend this printer and the company that makes them.

Steve Anon


This is my first 3d printer so I had no idea what to expect, maybe I still don't. But I've been reading up on 3d printing like crazy and using it non-stop. For me, it's fantastic. It's a learning curve, figuring out how to get some filaments to stick to the bed, stop warping etc., and failures do happen, but not because of the Dreamer. It does what I ask it to do.

I have nothing to compare it to but... The customer service is where this thing really shines. Tang (their rep) emailed me before the printer arrived with his contact info and the user manual. I've contacted him multiple times since (I mentioned I was a 3d printer noob) and he's answered me within an hour or so every time with the patience and answers I needed. The customer service alone would make me recommend this over others to anyone who asked.



I have had this for about 2 weeks now and love it. Easy to use and set up. Have not had one problem with this.