I have a friend who has one of these. They are amazing machines for sure! The more people who buy these and use them ... the better the technology gets. I think if you can afford one and like to construct things and be creative this is for you!



I got this as a Christmas present and I'm very happy with it. The speed of printing is good and the resolution of detail is really good. It worked great out of the box and I was printing in 2 hours. The only issue I had is the filament got stuck in the threading system for the heating element. This was easily fixed by removing two screws and pulling out the stuck filament.

Great printer and way better than more expensive makerbot versions



Seems to me like makerbot has gone off course the last year. With more marketing, more promises, and poor development. The Z18 order is now canceled, and D5 ordered. I'll let you know how it turns out for me



Everything is fine other than missing ABS filament. hope they are developing extra large heat bed to for ABS. Perfect printer



I am very satisfied with Wanhao D5 3d printer. Highly recommended for small business.

Be careful when inserting the SD card into the printer slot. There is a gap between the slot and the housing. That gap is just big enough to allow the SD card to slip through and fall into the base of the printer which is exactly where my SD card will reside for ever and ever.