Don Foley


I'm on day 3 of a 3 day print. So far so good. And it's not even the full sized print!. I made Mr.Shark Print . I'll release the full sized shark STL files for other D5 owners to play with. I usually tweak things a bit after the first run.

Ronen .s.


I love this wanhao large 3d printer. I have zero experience with 3d printing and i got a good print on my 5th try and i think thats really good when you consider what you get for your money

3d printing is a learning curve and every printer requires some initial calibration. I recommend heated and dual extruder in upcoming version

Marco Valenzuela


I really love this printer. It works great right out of the box and is not hard to get started, well, the instructions are a little hard to understand at first but if I can do it, then so can you. Support is absolutely stupendous!!!! I have had some issues where I messed things up & also just some general questions, and all of the responses have been received within the day. I highly recommend this printer to beginners and experts as it has proven to be very versatile.



Cool, I just got mine and am doing the review this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first print was amazing. I am very, very, very impressed, and if you know me, that's not easy to do out of the box.

Bevis Thompson


Overall I am very impressed with the D5. The only real problem I've had is the Z axis on mine was slightly damaged in shipping. Due to the shear size and weight of the machine (it's made from solid 1/4 inch steel plate and weighs in right at something like 90lbs or more) it was packed well but shippers can damage anything. As such, Initially my Z axis motor coupler was bent. It's a pretty standard 5mm (motor side) to 8mm (lead screw side) flex coupler.

The company is very responsive but I already had a few of those couplers on hand and just replaced mine myself.

The software is insanely fast at slicing and is easy to use. From what I've seen, all of the profiles are finely tuned and produce exceptional quality print.

The bottom line- the machine is well built, the software is very, very, good.The factory tuned profiles produce amazing quality.

I would not count my damaged Z axis as a problem, Wanhao has now changed shipping so that the Z axis is not connected during shipping to prevent damage.

I cannot stress enough, this is the heaviest duty printer I've ever touched. It simply is amazing what you are getting for the money. The entire top motion system uses a cast and then precision machined system to ensure it's one of the smoothest and tightest X Y systems around. Everything is easy to get to and robust.