Christos Arvanitis


Very good construction. The parts are made of steel so it is durable and somewhat heavy (25-28), so that the printer has less vibration. Together with the associated software, the printing process gives very high resolution objects. I am very pleased with this printer.

Pete King


Awesome printer! The Prints I get from this are so much more reliably than the Makerbot Replicator 2X we have at office. Looks like Wanhao found the faults on the Makerbot 3d printers and have hit the sweet spot with the Duplicator D5S- Mini. The customer services are a bit slow but they are helpful, the online community for Wanhao is the best I have seen for any product till date.

Tom Jefferson


I recently moved from jewelry prototyping to industrial designing of small parts, so this is certainly not my 1st 3d printer. In my previous company we were using a DLP printer which gave high precision prints so when I wanted a new printer I was in a dilemma.

People scared me saying FDM printers were not fit to do the job and I should stick to an envision tech printer (like the one I used in my previous company). I decided otherwise, I decided to gamble and it paid off pretty well.

I purchased Wanhao Duplicator D5S mini and it gives me amazing prints, (I am really not comparing the quality to the previous printers). I have been printing on this printer for a month now and I am very happy, it costs 1/10 of the previous printers I used and still gets my job done. The build quality of the printer is superb!! I wish this printer had a heated bed so I could print using ABS but then I am not really complaining.

Bill Demello


I think this printer is certainly not the best value money. There is no setup required, so you can start printing pieces with-in a half hour. 3d printed parts give high quality and precision.

I bought this printer for my personal home use and feel its good printer to have at home. I wished this printer had self-calibrating printer bed and nozzle system, as it needs recalibrating after a few prints and some maintenance will keep it running smooth.

Even though it a Chinese company the printer’s build quality matches to some of the best printers I have seen around. But no dual extruder is a real let down.

Ian Pells


I have enjoyed this printer from the day I got it. Although it was shipped from china I got the delivery in 10 days. The printer worked out of the box without any hassles, the printer also looks good and elegant. My only complaint is that there are many printers available at the same price which gives heated bed so I can print using ABS. Why is there no heated bed here? Printing with just PLA reduces my capacity to print working prototypes. Is there a way to add a heated bed on this printer?