A machine simply spectacular, robust, with good accessories for the same price, 2 PRINTING SURFACES, Heavy LEXAN Build Plate & Glass Heated Build Plate and acrylic printer enclosure, very good 3D quality printing, now I'm printing with ABS, and the quality is still amazing. Very contented with the purchase



I purchased this 3d printer after reading a lot of reviews which called it the best printer in the Wanhao series. The printer is awesome for printing PLA;but I cannot get around the thought as to why they did not add a heated bed to the printer. This limitations restricts me to printing with just PLA, I think for the price I paid for the printer I should have got something that printed with all kinds of filaments. There is really nothing wrong with the printer, as a matter of fact it does print with amazing quality and it is the fastest printer I have worked with. It’s got a great print size of 295 x 195 x 205 mm and can print at 20 microns. The machine has a great build quality and the software provided works well. The specs are good but my heart keeps wanting for more.

Daniel George


For someone who had never even touched a 3D printer before, this machine was a dream. I agree with people who say that the printer lacks basic features like heated bed and dual extruder but I guess it has shed some weight to get perfection with what it really can. This is the right approach for the 3D printing industry, we are seeing the Chinese companies trying to add all the possible features into the printer, and failing miserably. I think this 3D Printer is made for a niche market and works pretty well for people who do not need to print with ABS and want a fail proof printer.