Londie Benson


This is easily the most elegant looking 3d printer around. I purchased the printer in November and have been using it since then, let me break down my review for better understanding.

Looks: The Powder coated white metal used to make this printer gives it a very distinct look. Unlike other cheaper 3D Printers this one looks like a premium product.

Hardware and operations: The printer does not promise the sky but works well within its limitations. PLA prints are smooth and can be used without any post processing. The prints can be made directly on the printer plate without the need of any Kapton tapes and removing the prints has never been any issues.

Software: The Software is a real let down and needs lot of work. The software only works with windows and hence limits its sales to them only.

Price: Ideawerk is certainly a $100 expensive than any other similar printer but then you get what you pay for.



I never would have expected a 3D printer like this to be under $500. But here it is, and it's an amazing piece of technology.

Setup was super simple using the included instructions. It took about 20 minutes but nothing was too complicated. And if you have any issues during setup or printing, tech support has been excellent.

Ryu Morales


Bought one of these for my 12 year old son on his birthday, and he has been using it very efficiently for more that 5 months now,. The good things about the printer are that its highly compact and portable, the large lcd screen is awesome and very clear. Better than what you get on most high price printers.

The bad part is that the printer keeps jamming, at first my son called the customer support for help but they were not very easy to understand so we got together and saw some videos and sorted the issue but it re occurred within a few days.

I guess it's happening because of a faulty nozzle or the filament we are using is not of a good quality but it's really difficult to tell. We have ordered a replacement nozzle and hope the issues is sorted once and for all.

Ellan Schotten


Weistek WT200 Mini is a beautiful 3d printer and can be shown off at office and home desktops. I have it sitting right on my office pod and my colleagues now think that I am some kind of geek who can do magic with it.

The printer is certainly expensive than those Prusa machines but I don’t mind paying for quality and that what this little beauty delivers. The printer also works pretty well; I have been able to print everything from night lamps to shoes on it and never had any issues with failed prints or miss prints.

I am now planning to get another one which can use from my house. If you want a 3d printer that works and does not look ugly go ahead and get this printer. I guarantee you would not be disappointed.



After doing much research, I decided on the ideawerk for my first 3d printer and am very happy with the choice.

I was making my first prints out of the box within 1 hour of unpacking the printer.

When I did have an issue the skype support was prompt.

I have to say the quality of the prints I'm getting is very good and expect to improve even more as I learn how use the machine and software.