First the Bad things: The Printer was shipped via EMS, not DHL. This lead to some minor Problems. All those Problems were quickly solved from He3D.

Apart from that: The printer prints very well. My model was quiet misaligned but after setting all the rods straight (which was quiet easy) everything works quiet well now.

The printer may seem cheap but it's actually more than price worthy. If the shipping was not so expensive I would surly buy another one :)

Florina Stefano


It is a decent printer, not the high resolution, but for the money, it's a functional 3d printer.



It's the best 3D Printer I have used under USD 1,000. I used for my project on building the models for some mock-up figures for my company. The UI is user friendly, and easy to setup the whole process. I feel l



Best one to get highly recommended, I'm a happy customer of your product, I have some DIY kits and I can say this is the best among them.

lisa cooper


So far after nearly 4 straight days of printing, I'm very impressed. There were a few minor issues right after unboxing. Fast responses from 3dprintersonlinestore as well as weistek.

I've made objects of all types and sizes. There is a learning curve to 3d printing. Things that seem simple if you have experience, such as adding supports to suspended parts of a model or using MeshMixer to modify objects won't be obvious to the average consumer.

Not understanding how 3d-printing works will leave some purchasers upset when they end up with a wad of filament, or a clogged extruder. These types of things can happen on any 3d printer no matter what you pay for it, or what brand you buy. Sometimes it will be the fault of the hardware, but is more often caused by the user not understanding 3d printing concepts and limitations, and creating a mess (I've been there and done that).