As I was new to the technology decided to get an assembled unit rather than a kit.

The thing that inspired me to get his printer was this was an inexpensive one, and like any technology as a learning curve to it. The Printers unit is sturdy and quiet when built, the design was great and the printer fits perfectly on my cluttered desk.

The software with the printer is easy to understand and getting around is easy, and the instruction video is more than enough to understand basic working of the printer.

The printer is good for the price and its a great buy for people just getting into 3d printing.

David Meyer


Just received my Weistek Ideawerk - Portable 3D Printer and I just can’t have enough of it. Unlike other huge 3D printers this one is a compact choice for my small cabin. The printer is easily compatible with the Windows installed in my office PC. Doraware or ReplicatorG, which are the 3D printer software used, delivers fine quality printing without any disappointment.

The printer offers a printing speed of 30 to 150 mm/sec which is really amazing and I finished my piled up projects in no time. I found this printer a bit expensive but rest everything is good to go.

Alexander Collins


Perhaps the most economical printer to buy

The first thing which inspired me to get this printer was its low cost. The printer is quick and simple to assemble especially for non- technical people like me. The thing which really impressed me was that the printer was delivered with a tool kit making it convenient to assemble.

But the sad part is that my printer seems to have an issue with the x-axis arm drooping slightly on the right side, which means my printer skips prints on the left side of the plate.

Gary Lawood


I received the printer on 15th December and it worked strait out of the box on my friend’s laptop, unfortunately for me I use a Mac at office and at home so had to send the printer back. The customer services acknowledged my issues and refunded the money promptly.

I have no grudges about the printer but the company should realize that there are a lot of Mac users in USA and hence should make compatible software for us as well.

Ellan Schotten


Weistek WT200 Mini is a beautiful 3d printer and can be shown off at office and home desktops. I have it sitting right on my office pod and my colleagues now think that I am some kind of geek who can do magic with it.

The printer is certainly expensive than those Prusa machines but I don’t mind paying for quality and that what this little beauty delivers. The printer also works pretty well; I have been able to print everything from night lamps to shoes on it and never had any issues with failed prints or miss prints.

I am now planning to get another one which can use from my house. If you want a 3d printer that works and does not look ugly go ahead and get this printer. I guarantee you would not be disappointed.