Randall J. Brown


I am an art student and a pro in 3D printing. Just highlighting what I liked the most in this printer:

I don’t have second thoughts about this product. Whatta Brilliant Machine!!!!?

Portia K. Daniels


I bought this Mini printer a month ago. It was working fine until yesterday. I was doing the usual printing stuff when suddenly the blobs spurted over the nozzle. I hurriedly stopped the machine.

This morning after resuming the process, I was shocked to see discoloration.

How is this possible with a new machine? I think choosing PLA over ABS was a wrong decision!

Linda S. Parsons


First things First! I am thankful to Weistek for offering free shipment. This Printer has excellent resolution. As expected, this portable device actually gives a glossy finish.

I was apprehensive at the time of delivery when I saw the size as it appeared quite heavy. But I was wrong. This printer is lightweight and fits almost everywhere.

And guys, this product is fully-assembled!!!!!! 4-glossy-stars from my side!

Anthony Hall


A fully assembled printer

I have never used a 3D printer before and getting used to one was a major problem for me but this printer solved this issue. This fully assembled printer along with its patented technology offers high performance. This printer has been my companion even when I handled the toughest projects too. It is portable and I am easily able to carry it around my house.

The best part about the printer is that it provides offline printing support which allows me to print anywhere without any connectivity. My wife who is a craft enthusiast has taken many 3D printouts and has redecorated a wall in our house with these printouts. Highly recommended!



As I was new to the technology decided to get an assembled unit rather than a kit.

The thing that inspired me to get his printer was this was an inexpensive one, and like any technology as a learning curve to it. The Printers unit is sturdy and quiet when built, the design was great and the printer fits perfectly on my cluttered desk.

The software with the printer is easy to understand and getting around is easy, and the instruction video is more than enough to understand basic working of the printer.

The printer is good for the price and its a great buy for people just getting into 3d printing.