Tasha N. Stratton


I've put over 1,000 hours on my Makerbot Repicator 2X and needed a second machine to take some of the load off. The WanHao Duplicator 4S seems to be largely identical in concept and overall design.

Having used it for over a week now I can say I am happy with the purchase. There are some minor differences in design and a few quirks here and there, but overall it is a solidly built machine and certainly a better bang for the buck than the Replicator.

I build only in ABS and the glass build plate that came with the WanHao works like a charm. The Makerbot software works with the WanHao as long as you set it to Replicator (Dual).

Gary Hersey


I cannot find any negatives for my vision printer. It is definitely much better than my older one which is a great thing! I know that with my other printer it would stop printing because the computer system would go into sleep mode. The improved connection is perfect as I do not have to worry about the printing to fail. I had a hard time with my first system as it had to be assembled by me, so the already pre-assembled one is much better. It came within no time so I must say that overall this was a great buy and well worth the money spent on it.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma


I recently bought this as it is an upgrade to my old 3-D printer. It is much better than the old one and it comes just as described. I was glad that I did not have to wait to have my printer assembled before I could use it I simply started using it. I am happy that the makers took into consideration the slow printing and made if faster than it was as well as it is more precise. I also like the new look to it without all of the cords. Those like all other cords are just a hassle to deal with so having those built into the main part of the printer is great. I enjoy watching my model being printed. Now that is what I call 3-D!!

Marco Zagaria


The printer is very good looking and works excellent. It is a ton of fun. I have used it with both ReplicatorG and also the new Makerware. A two color printer is much more interesting and fun. The new makerware software also allows for both a build and support material which allows for more flexibility. Two color printing is also more interesting. Excellent value. Very good communication by both the manufacturers and the seller. I would recommend.



Bought the black Wanhao 3d printer D4S. Everything worked fine and I'm happy with the price I paid & the quality of the printer. There was a minor difference between the printed manual and one of the parts, where the manual hadn't been updated yet. No affiliation with the biz, just a satisfied customer. I did have issues with ABS prints curling up a bit, but as I understand it this can be the case for all 3d printers if conditions are wrong. My problem was a cold basement in MN causing rapid cooling along with the fact that I wasn't using ABS slurry. I changed to a warmer room and PLA and everything was fine with no more curling. I've had the printer for several weeks and so far so good.