James Beehler


Great printer once you get it setup and learn a few things about how to print. I did opt to change the software and run Simplify3d as you have much more control over the printer but the included Mattercontrol works good for someone who just wants to quickly start printing.

Jonathan Penland


I'll start by saying, this is my second 3D printer (also have a solidoodle 4).

I recently got my Robo 3D R1 plus all set up and printing beautifully.

It worked great right out of the box, I love the auto leveling feature.

The only issue I have is with the standard slicing software in the Matterhacker program, I switched to simplify3d and the prints have been absolutely beautiful, way better than anything my solidoodle has been able to produce.

I will definitely consider buying another Robo 3D to add to my printer Arsenal!

Aldo Rosas


I have owned my Robo 3d R1 Plus since October. It should really be a open the box and plug and play experience. However, I had problems out of the box. Now, this is where the ROBO 3D is worth the money. Their support is excellent. Level 1 support helped me to a point by sending me documentation and videos of things to try to repair the system. When it became obvious that the problem was over my head, I scheduled a Skype meeting with Level 2 support. Both of the guys that I had worked with over the course of troubleshooting this were pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. After diagnosing the issue, and shipping out the new parts, i got the printer up and running. It's been printing nearly 24/7 since.

B. Dolfin


I saw this printer on an episode of The Fine Bros’ “Elders React.” It is one of the best looking 3D printers out there with a refined design compared to some other printers out there. I saved for a few months to purchase this printer. Unfortunately I was disappointed with my initial experience. Before I edited this review I listed all the problems I was experiencing with the printer such as stringing, the brass lugs slipping out, prints shifting on the Y-axis mid print, and the Z-axis traveling in the wrong direction or not getting close to the bed.

After I had posted this review, I was pretty much done with this printer and initiated a return, but I did order another one thinking it was a bum unit. Jerry from Robo 3D reached out to me on my review and offered his expertise on the problems I was having. We had a discussion via Skype and he walked me through some procedures to get the printer to print at its best. After everything was said and done, it was a night and day difference. I re-printed this box I designed for a LCD display and it came out so much better than the one I printed the night before. There are some other modifications I will need to do, such as covering the bottom with heating duct tape to keep the cork from drooping and adjusting one of the current pots for the Y-axis.

Before I tried ABS and gave up because it always lifted or turned into a stringy mess. Now I am printing a Raspberry Pi box with ABS. The lid came out great with some slight lifting, but it is a major improvement from the previous result.

I really appreciate the support I received from Jerry at Robo 3D and based on all the results I have been getting, I’ve decided to change my review. It is a great printer and one of the more refined designs out there, but it may require some tweaking and support to get it to print optimally.



Ok, so this its just an initial review. Its going to sound a bit bad, but I don't hate it - its just not quite ready for primetime as I had hoped. I'll come back and update if I can get the hardware and software tuned to make decent prints. There are a couple deal breakers though. If I can get it debugged and maybe dump the software for something else that works it might be just fine. About me: This is my 2nd 3d printer as I was moving up to get a heated bed and I've got a CNC lathe/CNC mill/mig/tig/casting etc, so this should be super easy.

Overall just getting lots of random failures. Once it actually starts printing something it seems to do pretty well, but I might spend 2 hours to get one thing just to START to print, much less actual print time. I've put over 10 hours into trying to get a print and have only got one so-so print with bad top and bottom layers.