Coach Tom


This is by far the best and easiest printer to use. I've had experience with five different brands of 3d printers ranging from$500 to $4000. At $800 this is the best working printer. The auto level feature alone is well worth it. Not to mention I am able to print all of the more than for brands of PLA and ABS that I bought for here that were very cheap. You can't say that for Makerbots xyz zortrax, etc. these are ones I've used.

All of these printers had issues w printing errors using cheap or off brands of filament. Anyway, the biggest plus is this version fixes all the problems that some others have had w the old Robo3d R1. Better lead screws, x and y axis firmly set and accurately prints.

The best features if all is it has an arduino w a ramp board inside thus allowing me to use a raspberry pi, a webcam, built in web server free downloads of images already done by Internet community. I am able to remotely print update edit change etc almost anything from anywhere. I use a web browser to connect securely to my printer watch webcam live printing, drag and drop a stl file onto web browser and it will automatically convert to gcode via Cura and then prints it for me. Rafting is never needed. Supports are done automatically for me when cura thresholds are exceeded. I've done large print jobs 22hrs successfully and at 150% feed rate and 125% flow rate both are maximums too.

The hot print bed and extruder are easily CFG as you want no proprietary nonsense other printers won't do. I've literally ran my printer over a week wout one issue besides changing filaments and mixing colors. I even added a XXL LCD screen w controls and do everything at the printer too, for just $60. Just google and YouTube for everything I mentioned.

It's a Good Buy on this one for sure. I bought another one at work although we already have many but this one is cheapest and best printing IMO. Enjoy

Bob L


I had the Robo3D R1 and now have the Robo3D R1 Plus. I didn't want to experiment, worry about G-codes, strange settings that I didn't understand, or unnecessary "hype". I just wanted a printer that printed PLA, ABS and exotics as well (in case I wanted to use them). Most most important, I wanted after sales service and a tech support that was in the USA, available 24/7/365 and made you feel "important" when you called. I got it all by purchasing a Robo printer.

It prints beautifully! Of course I had to tweak a few settings for certain things, but the printer printed right out of the box. The instruction video was foolproof, the instruction manual easy to read and makes sense too. If you want to tinker, you can; but if you want to simply load a file and print..., just do it! The guys at tech support are phenomenal; knowledge, personality, and genuinely seem to care about you as a customer. I got an email the other day from the Customer Relations Manager (who's vacationing in Germany) wanting to know if there's anything else he can do for me! That, my friends is Customer Service!!!

Is The Robo3DR1 Plus a perfect machine? No! Although it has small white LED lights, I would add brighter LED's to make your entire print and carriage more visible. I would also like to see a full size SD card slot replace the MicroSD card slot. But having said that, the printer is great and with its 100 micron setting, heated 10x9x8 build plate, and multi-filament capability, it rivals printers costing a few thousand dollars. I my humble opinion, and after all I'm just a guy who wanted to get into 3D printing with the least possible headaches, and without breaking the bank... I made an excellent choice going with the Robo3DR1 Plus.

C. Glenn


Day 1: been printing for a couple of hours. The "calibration ring" was perfect. My own part had 45-degree overhangs for 3CM or so, and there was some glop at the tops of those. I don't think that's really the printer's fault, I probably need to change the settings for support structures. So far the pieces have come out looking fantastic (on medium quality). It's a tad loud, mostly the fans, but that's probably normal.

It really did work right out of the box on the first try without any issues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

UPDATE: After having this for about a week, I have learned a few tricks and gotten pretty comfortable with the whole process. The printer itself is top-notch. Removing the support pieces without breaking the piece is tricky, but with a little practice can be done without braking things. I'M STILL 100% HAPPY.



Great printer with amazing build volume. The Robo 3D R1 plus has some incredible features with a $800 price tag.

I cant say enough how happy I am with my Robo. Print quality is on par with $2000+ models and my Robo has a bigger build volume.

John Duli


By far the best sub-thousand dollar printer out there. With any 3D printer you're going to have to spend time calibrating and figuring out the best settings to use. I would not trust any review complaining about having to fiddle with the printer as those people are obviously not tinkerers and have no business owning a 3D printer in the first place. Every single printer needs to be maintained.

This printer, however, gives you an outstanding base with which to get started. The best upgrades for this unit can be printed on the machine itself, and the community is incredibly helpful.



Might take a bit more tweaking than other printers out there, but that's why I said it's the best printer for the money. You save a ton of money by just doing a small bit of work yourself. Hardly really a con.