Chris Del Grande


There are a couple design flaws that really screw the printer’s ability to print with ABS. The printer does not have a closed enclosure and the printer cannot retain heat, if you need to print with Abs get ready to buy a plastic enclosure for the printer.

The other issue is that the filament guide tube clamps on the back of the printer and sits too close to the printer. When you have a filament spool that sits at small distance from the printer, it can tend to pull the filament off the spool and begin to wrap around the filament spool holder, causing a jam. The filament then can't be pulled which will ruin your current print, and end up clogging the print nozzle.

To resolve the issue you need to get an external spool holder and the issue would be gone. Having said that the printer is a real steal for the price.

Bonny Dsouza


I bought Creator 3d printer as a learning experience with no experience at all in 3D printing. It arrived in good shape and I was able to get my first print within a few hours.

I have since printed over a dozen parts and they are getting better with every print. From looking at other’s prints online from various other printers, these are at least as good.

The printable area is not the biggest but it much larger than other value priced printers on the market. I am happy with my purchase.

Good support from Geeetech and 3dprintersonlinestore.



Most compact 3D printer out there

3d printers are supposed to be compact but for some reason I see rather large models at offices and homes. This is the smarter, more compact choice. A very sensible buy if you are beginning with 3D printing that takes some time to create the best possible prints.

Use of steel frames underlines the durability factor. The assembly is rather smartly setup without the use of wrench. You get a fully assembled 3D printer that is easy to use and priced sweetly. My verdict? Not for pros, great pick for everyone else…



I am very impressed with the sturdy steel construction of Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer. It was delivered before the expected time and when I finally opened it and started assembling it I figured out that it is a strong and durable machine. It is light in weight and I carry it easily from home to office and then back to home. My son has also started using the printer for his office projects and I am planning to one to him.



This is my first 3D printer and I am happy with it. Even my wife likes it and uses it at times just for fun. It is very easy to use and it took me just a day to assemble and explore the machine. From the second day, I started printing. The printing quality is good and the speed is also impressive. The only issue which I face is that I am not able to print properly on ABS as in the results are not precise and definitely not what I expect. But it works great on other filament.