Ferdinando on 10/07/2016
42 reviews

I am happy with the purchase!

My friend had Me Creator and she was upset with my idea of purchasing the updated version. However, with its great features and pocket-friendly price, I am more than happy with this printer. The printing speed and resolutions are the deciding factor for buying it. The speed of Me Creator 2 is worth praising. It also gives précised prints in PLA. The print bed is large enough to create Legos and nut-bolts. Besides, it is compact and space efficient!

Kiran on 29/06/2016
42 reviews

Even after the Z-axis accuracy, there is warping visible in my prints. The nozzle gets regularly blocked. Its y-axis shaft is bent, which is giving poor-quality prints and I have no idea how to change it. Not just this, the filament gets clogged after first layer of print.

The good side of this printer is that it is fully assembled. Although it’s only been a week with Me Creator, I will give this one 3-star!

Aleida Mickens on 23/06/2016
42 reviews

Absolutely amazing 3D printer

I'm an absolute tech enthusiast. I keep tinkering with the new devices. I had been looking for a good 3D printer to fulfill my printing needs.

I surfed, went through a number of reviews and finally decided to buy Geeetech and I can’t be any happier with this decision of mine.

This 3D printer has all positives, I tried hard but I just can’t find a single negative aspect. The packaging was great, the print-quality is super and the aesthetics are to die for. 

By far, I’m having a really really great time with my new printer.

John Barrow on 08/06/2016
42 reviews

I am completely new to 3D printing, and not at all tech savvy. I bought this printer on the recommendation of my friend.

This printer looks great; I’ve kept it in my study. It gets perfectly housed on my table without taking much space.  It uses Cura software that easy for me to learn about.

There were little imperfections but my friend helped me to get them fixed. I was amazed when I saw my first printer. Now, I won’t have to do all the running for making my projects.

I have a great 3D printer at home, which is sure to ease the job for me.

Harold A. Vos on 03/06/2016
42 reviews

Enthralled with Weistek!

I love this fully-assembled printer. The calibration was very easy. I can easily work on my Mac!

The print speed is indeed up to 100 mm/sec. In one line….. VALUE FOR MONEY!