To be honest, I am not happy with how the printer and its functionality. It is a poor quality printer and definitely not among the good ones which I already own. The parts which came along to assemble the printer are of poor quality and I don’t think that this printer is even going to last for 1year. The printer worked fine for 2 days but after that its nozzle got blocked and I started having other issues too. I think all this happening due to its poor quality.



The printer is an excellent machine which is full of modern features. When I read the specification of the printer online I was shocked to see such an updated printer at such reasonable price. I ordered it immediately and I am still in shock because it works so well. The printer is a fully assembled machine which saved a lot of time. This is the best printer I have ever come across. Its accurate offers fast printing speed which is unbeatable. It offers large printing areas which allow me to print larger objects with same accuracy.



I wanted a printer which can offer me precise printouts for my new project as the client is really demanding and this printer impressed me with its excellent quality and precise printing. Initially I faced difficulties while understanding how the printer works and I took my colleagues help too but after that I never faced a single issue. The best thing is that the printer supports various open-source 3D printer software which are very easy to install and offers so many features. The print outs are of high resolution and exact too. Recommended!

Cali Hornesby


Perhaps the best 3D printer money can buy!

I am not great with technology. The learning curve is still on and getting used to a 3D printer seemed like a major problem. But the Me Creator printer has solved the issue. Delivered in a fully assembled form, it is ready for use from day 1.

At this price point I could not find many printers that boasted of better features than this Geeetech printer. We have Linux and Mac users at our small realty firm and the printer is easy compatible with both. The last hesitation was about the quality of construction.

Compared the online reviews with the MeCreator and turns out it uses high strength steel.

C. McFarlin


I expected a lot from this printer but it completely disappointed me. Since the day it has arrived it is creating troubles for me. First, I had to invest so much of time in getting familiar with the printer. I also figured out that the parts are of poor quality and soon the printer will be of no use to me. When I started with printing, the printer worked fine for few hours but after that nozzle got blocked. And that was not the last time it got blocked and till date I face issues with the nozzle. The printer is economical but it is not worth its price. Disappointed!