I am highly impressed with the performance of this 3D printer which comprises with following features:

Those who are looking for the 3D printer at an affordable price, this is the perfect choice for them.

Everett Anderson


My friend has introduced the 3D printing and recommended me to buy this Geeetech Me Creator. I got a nice discount offer and free shipping which encouraged me for 3D printing further. The software and manual instructions are quite understandable which are easy to follow while processing the device. The upgraded MK8 extruder featuring self-lubricity helps to avoid clogging issues and offers excellent prints. This is a perfect device for prototyping.

Xiaoming HĂȘ


This Geeetech 3D printer is a fairly satisfying device. Initially, the print outcomes were flawless and delivered finest quality prints. But, after few days, I faced some issues with filament and extruder. The filament material started breaking down or clogged the extruder nozzle while processing the print. This affects the consistency of my workloads and the print quality as well. Now, the printer has repaired and starts delivering the seamless designs.

Tamas Jozsa


I am enthralled with Me Creator! Worthy of 5-Stars!

It has great extruder with fluent feeding and absolutely no blocking problems (as of now!) This one is equipped with LCD2004 controller, which enables stand-alone printing with SD card (Something that was missing in my old printer.)

Me-Creator 2 supports ABS, PLA, flexible PLA and wood-polymer. I absolutely love the print quality. No signs of warping. Great customer service! All in all, a great product!




I am happy with the purchase!

My friend had Me Creator and she was upset with my idea of purchasing the updated version. However, with its great features and pocket-friendly price, I am more than happy with this printer. The printing speed and resolutions are the deciding factor for buying it. The speed of Me Creator 2 is worth praising. It also gives précised prints in PLA. The print bed is large enough to create Legos and nut-bolts. Besides, it is compact and space efficient!