Eric on 06/01/2016
42 reviews
This 3D printer was ready to go within 10 mins unlike others I've owned. Not the best but works every time.
Catherine Christopher on 23/12/2015
42 reviews

I am a school teacher who was introduced to 3d printing by a student. I thought it was a great idea that I could make products that I used. I purchased Geeetech 3d printer out of gut feeling and the cheap price encouraged me further.

The printer was delivered within 1 week of purchase and with a little help from my student (Who though me basics of 3d printing and some calibration tricks) I was printing on my printer within a week.

The printer itself is an extremely robust machine and the metal exteriors give it the much needed dexterity to handle the smaller vibrations which happen during printing.

The only downside is their software and the instructions manual they provide, I so hope they could get come English software developers and copywriters who could rewrite these things for them.

Sofia Bonnetta on 09/12/2015
42 reviews

This is a fantastic starter printer, there are some small tweaks that might need to be done once you get it, and there is a slight learning curve to it just like there is with anything that is completely new,

I have used it almost every day since it arrive and have printed with flexible as well as wood materials and it worked great. I am Glad I purchased this printer over some expensive models available out there.

One advice for all would be to purchase some slicing software as cura does not work well with the printer I had to spend some money on Simplify3d and that save me the trouble of handling the printer.

Jonathan Boyer on 26/11/2015
42 reviews

The software support for OS X is buggy and does not work, I tried getting help from the customer support but as they are not based out of America it was very difficult to explain my situation to them.

The Chinese support staff handling my issue had almost no clue how OS X works and eventual beating around the bushes I had to purchase slicing software for my printer that was supported by my OS.

Now the printer works well and I manage to get some amazing prints on it at 100 microns, if only they could solve my issues with the software, I would certainly would have rated them higher.

Bonny Dsouza on 17/11/2015
42 reviews

I bought Creator 3d printer as a learning experience with no experience at all in 3D printing. It arrived in good shape and I was able to get my first print within a few hours.

I have since printed over a dozen parts and they are getting better with every print. From looking at other’s prints online from various other printers, these are at least as good.

The printable area is not the biggest but it much larger than other value priced printers on the market. I am happy with my purchase.

Good support from Geeetech and 3dprintersonlinestore.