Jonathan Boyer


The software support for OS X is buggy and does not work, I tried getting help from the customer support but as they are not based out of America it was very difficult to explain my situation to them.

The Chinese support staff handling my issue had almost no clue how OS X works and eventual beating around the bushes I had to purchase slicing software for my printer that was supported by my OS.

Now the printer works well and I manage to get some amazing prints on it at 100 microns, if only they could solve my issues with the software, I would certainly would have rated them higher.

Hex Dev


Had some problems with calibration. The tech support team assisted me. Now it works good. Happy with the product :)



The advantage over buying this item: Its assembled, Can't complain neither recommend fully assembled. I can give 3.2 out of 5

Sean Swayze


I purchased this printer in the month of October and have been thrilled with the whole 3d printing stuff ever since then. The printer came as an assembled unit, and it was a million times better my previous DIY kit (I advise to stay away from them, as their prices are luring but it’s a real head ache to get them running).

The printer has been running more than 100 hours a week and it still works like a new printer. I have experience a few nozzle clogging issues but it was due to cheaper Chinese filaments, however ever since I started using European filaments I have never had any issues.

Geeetech as a company is certainly one of the most under rated companies in 3d Printing and with solid product line I am sure things will change for better for them.

Matt Buchler


I got the printer working within 20 minutes of unboxing. I print for at least 12 hours a day using this printer.

The printer works rock solid, and the print quality if fine as well. I would say that if your expectations are reasonable; this is an amazing printer for the price. 3D printing is not just any other printing that we have heard off; it requires practice, patience and lot of perseverance. Don’t buy a printer if you are not ready for all this.

The only grudge I have with this printer is that it’s too slow; the fastest you can print on it is 80 mm/sec. If the developers could increase the printing speed this would be one of the better printers in the market.