Daron Pope


I purchased the Me Creator printer after researching on 3d printers for almost 6 months. I have to say that buying a 3d printer can be the most confusing purchase ever, so I decided to put my experience down in this review and may be it can help you buy a decent printer for yourself.

I purchased this printer after a recommendation from a friend who had been using this for some time now.

Don’t be fooled by the low cost of the printer as I feel it can give any $1000 and above printer a run for its money. I have been printing on it continues for past one month and never had a failed print. It is wonderful to see the ideas you have sitting on your laptop for over a few years finally come to life because of a 3d printer. The Aluminum Build Platform gives the printer a solid feel and looks more stable as well.

The printer is Easy setup out of the box. Don’t complain if you cannot follow the simple instruction manual. The print quality is decent and I can print using all kinds of standard plastic because of the heated bed. The LED inside the printer looks really cool at night, the machine also does not need a lot of space to store hence I have it installed just next to my computer on my desktop.

I would give this printer a 10 star if that was possible!!

William Intservo


I love it so far. Takes a bit getting used to but set up is easy. Only thing is, when you get material, get ABS filament. PLA is a tricky beast. When my PLAs run out I'm planning on converting to ABS. Otherwise, beautiful Machine for the price! Works wonderfully.