Christine Jennifer John


My colleague introduced me to this Geeetech 3D printer as I was looking for one since a few months. It was a good experience with printing but not that up to the mark as it really disappointed me when I tried printing with ABS. It does not have closed enclosure due to which heat is not retained.

Despite the above issues, according to the price range it is affordable for me. It is easy to install and use, thus a 3 star review.

Mathew Bob


Me Creator is one of the best purchases of mine. I am so pleased and happy with this steel 3D Printer. The thing that I adore most about this 3D printer is capacity to print on materials like ABS, wood, and flexible filaments. Its commendable printing speed allows me to printout exceptional quality prints within minutes. Being lightweight, it can be carried away easily anywhere in your home. Highly recommended!



This is a good fully-assembled model which saves difficulties in assembling! Although, it came all packed up there were some defective parts in the printer. When I got my order, the threaded rods were bent on Z axis which caused a wobble while printing.

I asked Geeetech to replace that part but they refused. I am not happy with their customer support. I replaced the part from outside source; now the printer is working well.