Paul James


Easily installed, Standalone 3D Printer

I purchased the Geeetech Acrylic pro Prusa i3 3d printer last October. Initially, I had few problems but it’s always about finding the cause and solution of the problem. The Geeetech Acrylic pro Prusa is a complete 3D printer kit which makes the 3D printing real easy.


The printer came complete with everything which made it easier for me to assemble the parts in an appropriate order. After the assembling, it was pretty easy to get its bed leveled and start the printing.  So, I got my first 3D print printed reasonably in an amazing quality. One outstanding feature I found about the printer is that it comes with a stand-alone functionality allowing me to print without my PC.


I found that the printer motors had a loose connector. Also, the mounting brackets were also not perfectly sized because of which I had to mount it differently than pictured in the instruction manual.  But, even though I had issues these were not huge as I exactly knew which part to replace and it did not stop me from printing.  

I recommend this kit if you are looking for a cheap Prusa i3 kit to play with.

Jacob Winston


I bought the Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit two months before and it arrived within stipulated time frame with all the requisite tools. Although the basic structure devising of Prusa i3 Kit was easy but Z limit switch placement was a challenge.

It was not correctly marked in the manual picture. Thereby, a lot time was wasted in positioning it perfectly.  

I was wondering whether MK8 extruder and heated bed will work fine or not but thank God both of them works perfectly with almost all plastics.



Happy with Geeetech i3 printer, fastest shipping and best technical support.



Hello, great product for the price. You need to take care when assembling and the firmware needs tweaking. instructions are a little vague in some parts but all in all it was a pretty easy build. This prusa i3 prints great parts once you set it up properly. fast shipping and good product.



Instruction manual need to be improved. I am a design engineer with a background in electro mechanical systems and robotics and it took me 3 days to get this up and running. Once I got it up and running this is a great machine. I have about 100 hours on it, printing mostly mechanical parts and I am impressed with the dimensional accuracy. I have also been using a Flashforge Creator and the geeetech seems to be better a producing accurate parts.