Kevin Niemeyer


Over all I am really happy with the Geeetech Prusa kit. For the price I’ve paid, it has turned out to be a good printer. I recommend this kit to all 3d lovers! I loved the printing quality. You might have to improvise a little during the build.

(Assembling it is a bit tricky)

Huette Roux


I am a hobbyist and absolutely love 3D printing! Prusa is definitely an exceptional and reasonable printer. It gives a detailed print. The printer bed does not have a large build-up but that works fine for me as I make separate parts that can be interlocked later on!!

I would recommend this to all my mates! Beginners can learn rendering and animation from this site:

Patrick Letarte


This printer works fine with PLA and ABS but printing with wood is quite exasperating!

On my first attempt, there was under extrusion because I heard bubbles popping out of the nozzle while printing. The surface is extremely rough compared to the other filament kinds. I think there is still air in my wooden filament.

Not sure whether the problem is with the filament or the printer itself!

Currently, I am trying with higher feed rate just to check how it behaves and if the result is smoother.
So far an average printer!!

Maria Forssell


My lovely daughter gave me this present on my 50th birthday. I am impressed with the quality of prints. Such an inexpensive machine! Easy to assemble and easier to use!

Kudos to its 5 filament support!! Here come 5-stars!

Brian G. Pickett


It takes ages to print with small nozzle.  I was already against fused-deposition because it is time consuming. I chose Geeetech only because of the quality of prints. But, it seems like a wrong idea now. Horizontal planes in this model are slow to fill which means that I am comfortable with printing thin-hollow vases but not with the layering stuff!

Thanks to the Mk2A heatbed that improved things a lot. Trickier part however is when the smallest dust particles clog the nozzle.

Setting the temperature is not easy especially with wood filament! I can’t deal with it on every day basis. Such a headache!!