Maria Forssell


My lovely daughter gave me this present on my 50th birthday. I am impressed with the quality of prints. Such an inexpensive machine! Easy to assemble and easier to use!

Kudos to its 5 filament support!! Here come 5-stars!

Brian G. Pickett


It takes ages to print with small nozzle.  I was already against fused-deposition because it is time consuming. I chose Geeetech only because of the quality of prints. But, it seems like a wrong idea now. Horizontal planes in this model are slow to fill which means that I am comfortable with printing thin-hollow vases but not with the layering stuff!

Thanks to the Mk2A heatbed that improved things a lot. Trickier part however is when the smallest dust particles clog the nozzle.

Setting the temperature is not easy especially with wood filament! I can’t deal with it on every day basis. Such a headache!! 



This printer is WOW! Its acrylic chassis is really appealing and durable. My many hours research finally ended on this model by Geeetech which is really fulfilling my needs.

I must say the newer version with multiple filament compatibility is a promising feature in molding and printing 3D objects. Shipping and dispatching were handled with care and there were no custom taxes for Italy customers (this I got to know at the time of order placement).

I was really amazed and thankful for their free local warehousing! The 100 micron resolution gives precise and detailed prints which is what I was looking for!

Great job! 5 star!

Mark Quinston


I am really impressed with my purchase. I am using it from last 3 months and till now I haven’t encountered any issue. Technologically updated, Geeetech Prusa i3 supports multiple filaments such as Flexible PLA /PLA/ ABS/WOOD.

Prusa i3 has made my work easier and I am continuously shooting up in my business chart, also my clients are admiring me a lot. Its stand- alone functionality is another distinct feature why I love Geeetech 3D printer.



Wonderful innovation!

My wife gifted me this Acrylic i3 Kit for my work. I am a very creative person and doodling is kinda my hobby. I started converting my designs in real 3D objects on my wife’s suggestion and exhibit them at our local gallery.

It works well with both my Mac and my friend’s Windows OS which is very easy to configure and use. The printing speed is about 40 to 80 mm/sec which really doesn’t bother me much but it only supports single color printing option which can be limiting sometimes.