Thomas N. Wright


The printer came complete with everything which made it a lot easier for me to assemble the parts in right order. As soon the assembling process ended, I got the bed leveling right and starting printing. The only problem which I faced was with the printer motor which had a loose connector but I managed to fix it up. The first print which I got was of amazing quality and the best thing about the printer is that it comes with a stand- alone functionality which allows me to print without any PC.

Larry C. Wise


The printer arrived a month ago and it got delivered on time with all the tools. The basic structure assembling of the printer was easy but the actual challenge started with the Z limit switch placement which is not correct in the manual picture.

So I had a tough time positioning it. Also the screw threads available on the extruder were not correct and that is why installing the X belt clamps became very difficult. After the assembling part was done, the printer worked fine. Satisfied!

Jack Brown


I bought this Acrylic Prusa printer after reading its reviews on 3D printer online store. It has multiple filaments compatibility, supporting PLA, wood and ABS.  Flexible PLA and wood filament is my favorite to create molds for my art presentations.

Its control board supports MK8 extruders to give great performance making high-quality and professional looking 3D models.

Its shipping was amazing and I never even had to pay any custom duty in America. However, I was not very comfortable assembling this product. Print speed is also not that up to the mark! It took me more time to print than I expected from this printer!

Casey C. Solis


The printer is technologically updated as it is capable of supporting multiple filaments like ABS/PLA/Flexible PLA/WOOD which makes my work easier and I am also able to provide a huge variety and options to my clients. It only took me 4 to 5 hours to complete the assembling process.

As the power supply is pre-configured together with in the printer, the re-arranged cables and wire make the assembling very clear and easy. The improved steadiness and reliability ensures that you get the best prints every time. A good purchase. Impressed!

Meg Dutton


This printer is kit is as good as it gets, I was able to assemble it quickly but not without a few issues of my own.

The parts, especially electronics were not labeled this side up or right or left. I was left with my own judgement to choose the right combination. The basic structure building was easy but the real trouble started with the The Z limit switch placement is not correct in the pictures. So it required a re-position it to make the printer work. The screw threads on the extruder where not correct it made installing the X belt drive clamps extremely difficult.

Once I overcame all these issues the printer worked as it said it would. I would recommend an upgrade to the power supply as the printer takes more than 25 minutes to heat up to print with ABS (Heated Bed is really power hungry).