Peter on 29/03/2015
54 reviews

The printer works great once assembled. But 4-5 hours is a lie. Just assembling took 13 straight hours since the bags don't have the same numbering as the manual. There are no instructions included, just a wiki and YouTube videos. The wiki tells you to do several things in the wrong order so be prepared to redo things several times.

Also order the filament you want to use, don't rely on the included reel. It gives you the choice between PLA and ABS you'll likely still end up being sent ABS like I did.

You also have to load firmware onto an arduino to make the kit work. Plus figure out your steps per millimeter in your own.

If the instructions were included and in the right order the kit would be amazing. But despite all that the kit is possible but requires some knowledge, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who aren't absolutely computer literate as the printing can be a pain.

Cons: instructions, software, build time

Pros: cheap, works great, learned lots using it

Mathias on 22/03/2015
54 reviews
Shipping was awful, waited 4 weeks to get it to my place.. During the assembly, there where some missing parts, still waiting for them, so still nothing printed.. And really bad instructions, but still it's a DIY. On the other side, great email support! Can't wait to print..
William on 02/03/2015
54 reviews
It took me two complete days to assemble. Man that's 48 hours. May be I was bit slow in assembling. First two prints were bad and from there it has been good with its prints. You will learn a lot with this printer.
Luis on 26/01/2015
54 reviews

Contrary to what everyone else has said, this is a fine printer. It is far from the greatest and cheapest 3D printer available. I have been able to get multiple high quality prints and as I have gotten better at knowing what setting to use I have also been able to print parts that make the printer better.

This is NOT the printer to get if you want to open up the box and start printing in a couple of hours.

This is for the person who wants to know every detail about 3D printing and how to get the best prints with the least hardware. It is also for the person that would enjoy using their printer to make it better.

In conclusion, if you want to start immediately printing your ideas to play with, look somewhere else.