Hello, great product for the price. You need to take care when assembling and the firmware needs tweaking. instructions are a little vague in some parts but all in all it was a pretty easy build. This prusa i3 prints great parts once you set it up properly. fast shipping and good product.



Instruction manual need to be improved. I am a design engineer with a background in electro mechanical systems and robotics and it took me 3 days to get this up and running. Once I got it up and running this is a great machine. I have about 100 hours on it, printing mostly mechanical parts and I am impressed with the dimensional accuracy. I have also been using a Flashforge Creator and the geeetech seems to be better a producing accurate parts.



A decent product. It's worth planning to disassemble the unit nearly immediately, after printing out some of the available upgrades on thingiverse.

It's a curious mix of extremely nice parts, and a few regrettably cut corners. Overall it has more nice parts than compromises however, and it's part of the DIY concept that you'd improve those bits.

Documentation is all video based, which was amazing for assembly. Like other product guides however, the final few steps are missing clarity.

Excellent docs for repetier and cura settings, though this could've benefited from the config settings for the firmware being also included.



In overall product is good in suceeded to assemble it and do first prints in 2 days. All parts were there however z-axis rods arrived banked so prints are not precise.

Jijo Sunny


As a hobbyist, I've wanted a 3D printer for a while but wanted to wait till the first years until the technology matured and became easily available. I zeroed on this printer after a lot of research and I have to say that i do not regret my decision. I only use it for home projects, the potential applications seems endless and I can't wait to play around with it some more.

The only issue I have with the printer is that it has open electronics and I am scared my kids might just pull some wires and the printer might just stop working. Even the naked electronics make the printer look ugly, Geetech should seriously rethink their design and I am sure their printer can look a lot better with minor changes.