Aaron G


Geeetech.. I want to like this printer, but
- Design of x axis belt feed means the belt wears.
- X carriage/mount .. well, melts/deforms if you print a lot.
- Endstops are designed to accept screws + nuts (as it's a retrofit of a community design), not enough nuts.
- Z axis mount is .. well, bad. Replacing that saved me from losing my mind.
- Motors are small (compared with the standard 48mm ones you'll find elsewhere)
- Power supply switch arced and melted, power supply wires arrived cracked and needed immediate replacement.
- z rods are standard m8 threaded, and pinch/bind without lubrication.
- Power supply is a non-cooled unit with 2 outputs (both used)
- Firmware settings are wrong. use the correct settings for step rate (80,80,2560,93)

Be prepared to start replacing items within the first month, and upgrade at least firmware, endstops, and x carriage, and it's ok. If you're looking for a long term printer for just printing on .. keep looking.

Vikas Hutagikar


It works. if you want a reliable printer you either have to put alot of work and money into this one or buy something better. has decent build volume. good for beginners or hobbyists who enjoy working more on the printer itself than actually printing.



I would like to give highest ratings to this 3D printer kit. This is an easy to assemble DIY kit, even for the first timers like me. It came with a free LCD display and a spool holder. The printer has a pre-configured power supply. I am very happy with this product. I must say they have a good customer care team too!



For me the annoying thing about this printer is its irritating noise. Speed is quiet nice and the machine is easy to use. It’s a good printing device.



It was easy to assemble for me, perhaps because I have some technical knowledge about printers. The most frustrating thing for me was to find the printing nozzle broken in the delivered pack. Replacement was quick, I must say. Satisfying experience.