Mark Quinston on 10/05/2016
54 reviews

I am really impressed with my purchase. I am using it from last 3 months and till now I haven’t encountered any issue. Technologically updated, Geeetech Prusa i3 supports multiple filaments such as Flexible PLA /PLA/ ABS/WOOD.

Prusa i3 has made my work easier and I am continuously shooting up in my business chart, also my clients are admiring me a lot. Its stand- alone functionality is another distinct feature why I love Geeetech 3D printer.

Jackson Bob on 04/05/2016
54 reviews

Superb printer with more filaments support! Geeetech Prusa i3 kit has a pre-configured power supply and re-arranged cables that make devising simple and easier.

It is easy to debug and ensures to deliver a stable performance. This machine works commendable and had made my designing task easier and comfy.

I can effortlessly move it anywhere in my house from activity room to bedroom as per my needs. 

I adore the Prusa i3 kit for fast iterations on my designs. It is one of best purchases, I ever had in 3D printing.

Neil on 03/05/2016
54 reviews

Wonderful innovation!

My wife gifted me this Acrylic i3 Kit for my work. I am a very creative person and doodling is kinda my hobby. I started converting my designs in real 3D objects on my wife’s suggestion and exhibit them at our local gallery.

It works well with both my Mac and my friend’s Windows OS which is very easy to configure and use. The printing speed is about 40 to 80 mm/sec which really doesn’t bother me much but it only supports single color printing option which can be limiting sometimes.

Thomas N. Wright on 26/04/2016
54 reviews
The printer came complete with everything which made it a lot easier for me to assemble the parts in right order. As soon the assembling process ended, I got the bed leveling right and starting printing. The only problem which I faced was with the printer motor which had a loose connector but I managed to fix it up. The first print which I got was of amazing quality and the best thing about the printer is that it comes with a stand- alone functionality which allows me to print without any PC.
Larry C. Wise on 13/04/2016
54 reviews

The printer arrived a month ago and it got delivered on time with all the tools. The basic structure assembling of the printer was easy but the actual challenge started with the Z limit switch placement which is not correct in the manual picture.

So I had a tough time positioning it. Also the screw threads available on the extruder were not correct and that is why installing the X belt clamps became very difficult. After the assembling part was done, the printer worked fine. Satisfied!