Robbie on 19/03/2016
54 reviews

It’s a Complete kit – has everything nicely labeled and packed inside the kit. There are no Test Filaments included so you will have to order it separately. The Kit is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions and don’t jump the guns.

Tip: if the bed or print head do not slide well try flipping slider bearings around or using a different combination.

Jose E. Garcia Torres on 16/03/2016
54 reviews
Hi, I will tell you the true. The Product is a good product for the price. All the modification you needed to make on other model are integrated in this iteration of the Prusa i3.(Something i loved about it) My suggestion: if your going to use two filament; well buy the kit that includes the Dual Extruder.(you will be saving money and time)

Regard to Everyone.

Jacob Winston on 07/03/2016
54 reviews

I bought the Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit two months before and it arrived within stipulated time frame with all the requisite tools. Although the basic structure devising of Prusa i3 Kit was easy but Z limit switch placement was a challenge.

It was not correctly marked in the manual picture. Thereby, a lot time was wasted in positioning it perfectly.  

I was wondering whether MK8 extruder and heated bed will work fine or not but thank God both of them works perfectly with almost all plastics.

Omar on 02/03/2016
54 reviews
Happy with Geeetech i3 printer, fastest shipping and best technical support.
larry on 28/02/2016
54 reviews
Hello, great product for the price. You need to take care when assembling and the firmware needs tweaking. instructions are a little vague in some parts but all in all it was a pretty easy build. This prusa i3 prints great parts once you set it up properly. fast shipping and good product.