It took me two complete days to assemble. Man that's 48 hours. May be I was bit slow in assembling. First two prints were bad and from there it has been good with its prints. You will learn a lot with this printer.



As a professional, I know what it takes to bring quality in the 3D prints. While most of the kits would work fine on PLA and ABS, the results wont be up to the mark when it comes to printing over wood same happened with this as well. I would like its LCD display to be more clear and bigger.

Shaun O. Miles


I would call this 3D kit a good product, especially because of the price at which this company is selling it. I have tried a number of other such printing kits too, but either they are short of features, or they were big on price. This one gives reasonable speed and quality results. But yes, I had to wait for a week before the product got delivered to me. Needs improvement there.



I am so happy that I purchased the printer. It’s been more than 5 months and till date the printer is working well. I do not face any issue and I am impressed with the high grade functionality of the printer. It is an updated machine with all the latest features and performs outstandingly well in every condition. I can easily print on various filaments like PLA, WOOD, ABS and all the results are precise and equally good. It offers good printing speed and I am able to deliver my projects on time.



I am a hobbyist and a retired man. My son gifted the printer to me so that I can make something creative in my free time. I am very happy with the printer and now I spend a lot of time working on it. Initially I struggled a bit to get precise print outs but when I understood how the printer works I do not face any more issues now. I am not able to take exact print outs and make many things for toys for my grandchildren too. I would like to recommend the printer to everyone!