I ordered the printer for my new office. I just expanded my work and wanted to have more 3D printers. But this printer is nothing as compared to the 3D printers I already own. It is a noisy machine and whenever I print it makes a lot of noise disturbing my co-workers. I even tried shifting the printer at home and working but again its noise irritated my kids. I even found the surface of the printer very rough and I am not able to print as flawlessly as I wish to.

Tracey J. Davis


I ordered this printer because I read online that the printer is easy to assemble. As I am not a professional with 3D printers so I thought that easy assembling process will help me a lot and I was right.

The printer offers very high performance and the acrylic construction makes the printer easy to operate and handle. The printer prints excellently on various filaments like ABS/PLA/Flexible PLA/WOOD and this makes my work more flexible and I get a lot of options to be more creative.  I am very glad with my purchase.

Robert M.


Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit got shipped to me within few days of placing the order. The printer is outstanding machine and the most reliable one too if you want to have good quality prints at high resolution.

The printer is cheap and impressed me with its easy handling and functionality. The only drawback which I feel is that the printer makes a lot of noise while printing which is very annoying and causes irritation to my ears.



The printer has been a huge disappointment to me since the day it arrived. It was poorly packed and many of the parts were missing too. I realized this later when I started assembling the printer. I had to leave the assembling process in the middle and contacted customer to get the missing parts delivered. After the assembling process was completed I again had to struggle a lot to get precise print outs. There is nothing too impressive about the print quality and I would not recommend this printer if you want to use it for professional purposes.

Hadi Rizq Harb


Geeetech i3 kit has a simple structure to assemble, debugging is easy to troubleshoot, has most stable and accurate performance of printing.

Additionally, this is designed with multi-filament support compatibility that helps in molding most précised and flexible shapes of objects. I love its stand-alone functionality and the MK8 extruder that provides high-resolution to create real 3D professional objects. Nice printer!