Will Button on 30/10/2015
54 reviews

Incredible fine detailing prints with 3D Printer 

Having heard a lot from a friend about its features and print quality, I bought the Prusa i3 3D Printer Kit and I got exactly what I needed. Prusa has done an exceptional job of making the 3D printer easily usable. I unpackaged the printer from its box and I found all the accessories required for an easy fitting.  Once the initial troubleshooting issues were solved, I found the machine great to use. My kids are now able to print their projects having a lot of fun. Prusa i3 prints have an incredible fine detailing. The results on the Prusa i3 3D Printer is next to superior.  

Serina Kay on 04/10/2015
54 reviews

I had heard a lot about 3d printing before talking a call to buy a 3d printer. I am not DIY guy so I hired an engineering student to get this thing together for me. Tim (The Guy who assembled this printer for me) was amazed at the quality of the materials used in the printer. He said if we had to buy the parts separately it would have cost almost 2wice the money.

He was able to get the printer together in a few hours, and the printer has been a great addition to my business. I design cases for smart gadgets and being a designer myself it gives me great freedom to see my designs made out within a few hours.

I am pretty pleased with the quality of prints I am getting from such an inexpensive machine.

Jijo Sunny on 12/08/2015
54 reviews

As a hobbyist, I've wanted a 3D printer for a while but wanted to wait till the first years until the technology matured and became easily available. I zeroed on this printer after a lot of research and I have to say that i do not regret my decision. I only use it for home projects, the potential applications seems endless and I can't wait to play around with it some more.

The only issue I have with the printer is that it has open electronics and I am scared my kids might just pull some wires and the printer might just stop working. Even the naked electronics make the printer look ugly, Geetech should seriously rethink their design and I am sure their printer can look a lot better with minor changes.

Jake J Webb on 01/07/2015
54 reviews

Create beautiful designs with Prusa i3 3D Printer

I just love my new Prusa i3 3d printer. It is a brilliant machine that can effortlessly go anywhere in my house- in family room, activity room or bedroom.

Being an art director, I need to keep working on my designs day and night and my Prusa i3 3D Printer sits next to me gladly buzzing along building up my designs the whole day.

The rapid iterations on my designs creating beautiful intricate geometries with much less difficulty is something I adore this appliance for.       

Artur on 21/06/2015
54 reviews
In overall product is good in suceeded to assemble it and do first prints in 2 days. All parts were there however z-axis rods arrived banked so prints are not precise.