Dennis Desper


So far so good, easy to assemble, firmware is a little challenging, but ready to test.

Janet Bieschke


Geeetech i3 pro C is not an assembled 3d printer, it’s a kit and need lots of effort to make the printer work the way you want it to. Once you have managed to get the printer together the work is now over, you will not get good prints until you have managed to get the printer bed calibrated.

The only thing that did not get me into trouble was the fact that the printer software was preinstalled and did not have to worry about it.

Having said that the printer works well once all the perquisites are met. I have tested the printer with both nozzels and with all kind of materials.

I have already made some great prints on it and am awestruck with their quality and finesse.

Ron Callari


This review was written after several projects done on my Geeetech i3 pro C.

The reason to give it 5 stars is because I am impressed by several factors on this printer; the construction quality is good, the print surface size is good and the product support is acceptable.

The printer’s interior is well lit and there is ample room to work in, the spool holder does not mess up the filaments. The manual lacks some basic information, but it is not a hindrance.

The printer is very easy to set up and did not find it too difficult. For the most part factory setting are good but getting good prints may need some tinkering. So be ready for it.

brent jackson


Kit delivered in 11 days, but only with prompting & several shipping errors.

Kit included 2 top plates but no base plate. For 5 days I have been asking for a replacement; still no confirmation/tracking/ETA.

Geeetech ignored 3 requests to post the acryllic patterns so that I can laser cut my own base plate.

Minor delamination on 2 printed parts. Reprinted 1

( Superglued the other.

Another review claims "Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour". Seems impossible w/o help. Kit has ~480 parts. 5 hours for my build, 1 for software & calibration.

Carriage design doesn't ensure reliable activation of end stop switches. Auto leveling probe seems mechanically iffy. Will modify both.

Happy with my kit choice, just not service. Geeetech is more responsive when 3dPrintersOnline is included in the mail.



Fast shipping, safe package, freebies, good offer, but when taking dual color prints, I'm getting some sort of extra bubbles, support team said that this is due to settings in the G-code, let me try with different speed and temperature, even assembly instructions was okay to understand. overall I'm satisfied with this printer.